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The results of excreta digestibility of protein based on uric acid clearly indicated this method is not only much easier and cheaper to perform but also yields similar values in comparison to ileal digestibility of protein.
The average contents of Ca, P, Mg, and Zn in samples of carcass, bone, excreta, concentrate, forage, and feces obtained by the different procedures are presented in Table 1 and 2.
Other than esters, three hydrocarbons and dimethyl trisulphide and acetamide were identified from methanol extract of bedbug excreta by GC-MS.
Bacteria grew as small white colonies on the media streaked with the excreta of the leafhoppers which had fed on a diseased grapevine.
0%), contact with wild rodents and their excreta (100.
They typically consist of a pit--circular, rectangular, or square--dug into the ground and covered with a concrete slab or floor with a hole through which excreta falls.
He was also forced to consume human excreta and urine.
Soon this water, which has a very strong bad smell along with human excreta, may start overflowing like last time which will be a serious health hazard to the public.
Main transmission routes are through inhaling aerosols of rodent excreta, having direct contact of the excreta on open wound, being bitten by infected rodents or fleas and ingesting food contaminated by the excreta.
Mustapha Hamman-Gabdo, the state commissioner for health, said some people admitted to the center for different ailments later were diagnosed with Lassa fever, an acute viral hemorrhagic fever caused by the Lassa virus and transmitted primarily though contact with rats' excreta.
The rock pigeon (Columba livia) may serve as a reservoir for several pathogenic agents that can be transmitted to poultry, wildlife, domesticated pets, and/or humans via excreta, secretions, or dust from feathers.
Despite the ever-present risk of a raised tail and a warm gush of excreta, he moves with the easy efficiency of the willowy youth who rode his first winner in May 1996.
Hideo Higashikokubaru said the prefectural government plans to declare an official end of the epidemic on Friday as intended earlier, saying disposals of animal excreta have been finished at roughly 80 percent of the 1,250 farms affected by the disease.
Another recent study states that in urban centres of the country, around 2 million wet tonnes of human excreta was produced annually, of which around 50 percent are dumped into rivers and sea.
When we do that, the fungi increase, as do the excreta .