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an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off

severe censure

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Pruritus leads to scratching, which can result in skin changes such as lichenification, excoriation, and breakdown of the skin barrier, leading to infection.
l-5) It is characterized by varying degrees of swelling, excoriation, ulceration, cellulitis, and abscessation of the plantar aspect of the foot.
He may also have more limited capacity to follow Chavez's foreign policy goals, including generous assistance to Cuba and other left-wing governments in Latin America, the constant excoriation of Washington, and high-profile support for US pariahs such as Syria and Iran.
Different methods of self-injury will be discussed including: arm and body cutting, self-inflicted burning, excoriation of wounds, and other serious examples.
The DSM-5 also will include some new disorders, including excoriation (skin picking) disorder and hoarding disorder.
Romney's panicky, premature excoriation of the Obama administration over violence in the Middle East - a response that was factually flawed and widely panned - only served to shake the fragile faith of those who might be holding their noses to support him.
It was her disenchantment with Jimmy Carter and George McGovern that prompted her to write "Dictatorships and Double Standards," an excoriation of the Carter administration published in Commentary in 1979 that catapulted her to fame.
On local examination, a complete perineal tear with black gangrenous margins and excoriation was present; similar patchy changes were seen over lower abdomen and the mons pubis.
Paul's excoriation of homosexuality is pretty much limited to Romans (1:24-27).
One might also ask why sectarian apocalyptic writing seemingly subsided during James's reign, despite his excoriation by many Protestants in 1678-81.
Nevertheless, the Bank of Lithuania and its incumbent and former heads have drawn an avalanche of excoriation in the wake of Snoras collapse.
Watching their second-innings surrender in Abu Dhabi was agonising and the widespread excoriation of all of the batters was totally justified.
From within the church, in a message read on behalf of the Holy Synod to Patriarch Maxim by Plovdiv Metropolitan Nikolai (who is dossier-free), there was excoriation of the media for malice towards the church.
The patient was known to have had the hernia since childhood but it had grown large over the years with excoriation of the skin at the apex of the hernia resulting in a painful, foul smelling ulcer measuring 4 x 6 cm.
The lyrics, by virtue of its wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants about the plaintiff are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff," TMZ.