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an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off

severe censure

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Excoriation disorder, used interchangeably with skin picking disorder (SPD), has been incorporated into the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) under obsessive compulsive and related disorders, and is defined as repetitive picking or scratching of the skin, resulting in tissue damage that causes skin lesions [American Psychiatric Association (APA), 2013], DSM-5 diagnostic criteria include: multiple attempts to reduce or cease skin picking; skin picking cannot be attributed to substance use or abuse, or any other mental or medical disorders; and that an individual experiences significant distress or functional impairment as a result of the skin picking (APA, 2013).
11,12,13) Skin excoriation is the most common complication occurring following colostomy and is managed by local application of rash free cream.
Lesions were more concentrated around ears (132/132) with papular/pustular eruption, exudation, excoriation, incrustation, alopecia, de-pigmentation and nodules.
The relation of psychogenic excoriation with psychiatric disorders: A comparative study.
The Skin Care Pocket Guide can be utilized to support a nurse in identifying skin breakdown as either a pressure ulcer or excoriation, document the correct staging of a pressure ulcer, and initiate the appropriate bed and heel protocol based on a patient's risk.
Prurigo nodules are cutaneous lesions often produced by repetitive scratching--hence the nickname "picker's nodules"--which may occur as sequelae of chronic pruritus or neurotic excoriations.
Sissako's 'Timbuktu' (France/ Mauritania/Mali) is set in the aftermath of the jihadist takeover of northern Mali, the exceedingly skilful auteur's film is a poetic excoriation of the horrors of war that lays bare the blindly destructive force of extremism.
Regarding the cutaneous findings, they range from none to pruritus with excoriation or lichenification, prurigo nodularis or real ulcerations post scratching.
Three months after his operation, he had an abdominal lipectomy as the pannus was resting on the reconstructed penis and scrotum, causing excoriation.
In a case series of six patients treated for trichotillomania (hair pulling) and/or skin excoriation (skin-picking disorder, or SPD) as comorbidities to an impulse control or affective disorder, treatment with N-acetylcysteine (NAC) 1,200-1,800 mg/day resulted in either complete abstinence or great improvement in self-damaging habits, said Dr.
There are dressings available that prevent excoriation of the surrounding skin and leakage through clothing.
Caption: DSM-5 eliminates subtypes such as paranoid and catatonic from the schizophrenia definition, replaces gender identity disorder with gender dysphoria, and adds several new disorders, including premenstrual dysphoric disorder, hoarding disorder, gambling disorder and excoriation disorder, in which people compulsively pick at themselves.
The announcement came with a list of excoriation against the once-powerful man, describing him as a man who perpetrated many crimes, such as mismanagement of the economy, corruption, and "depraved" acts like womanising and drug-taking.
In September 2010, the cat was brought to a veterinary clinic in Anchorage because of facial pruritis and excoriation.
He may also have more limited capacity to follow Chavez's foreign policy goals, including generous assistance to Cuba and other left-wing governments in Latin America, the constant excoriation of Washington, and high-profile support for US pariahs such as Syria and Iran.