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  • verb

Synonyms for excoriate

to make (the skin) raw by or as if by friction

Synonyms for excoriate

express strong disapproval of

tear or wear off the skin or make sore by abrading

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While I hate to pretend that Springsteen is obligated to share his wealth with thousands of strangers, it does grate to hear someone who is fabulously successful from capitalism excoriate "the system's" flaws, without acknowledging that he has the resources to right - all by himself the flaws he sees (families without enough money to buy new cars, the jobless) for thousands of people.
Just as the Democratic candidates invoke the populist rhetoric of the progressive era while at the same time pandering to the very insurance companies they excoriate, so, too, does their moral crusade appear to be a clever sales job.
used the day after Kamal's crime to excoriate the Clinton administration for allowing 180,000 immigrants to become citizens without adequate criminal record checks.
Ironically, then, even as misinformed academic leftists excoriate the "Enlightenment project" as arrogant and overreaching, they themselves embody F.
Now, to excoriate the left for not being on the winning side, as determined by Harris and Gallup, is to seriously misapprehend what a "left" can be.
Farmer and war hero, supporter of settlements on the West Bank, ultrarightist politician and cabinet minister, Sharon has clear aims: to describe how almost single-handedly he won many of Israel's wars; to justify his role in the invasion of Lebanon in 1982; and to excoriate his many enemies in Israel.
Path to War'' seeks neither to excoriate nor excuse Johnson, merely to explain the pressures that beset his every decision to escalate U.
Many of the high earners he excoriates, especially in public service, are devotees on the left of the political spectrum.
My esteemed colleague Brian Reade excoriates moustaches - grown in "Movember" for prostate cancer charity - as "the facial fingerprint of evil", citing Hitler, Stalin and KFC's Colonel Sanders.
Like a latter day Jeremiah, he excoriates Americans for being "indifferent, insensitive, and uncaring.