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any people believing themselves to be chosen by God

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He rejected the inclusivist position that I had learned in Catholic primary schools and publicly proclaimed a rigid exclusivist position based on the above-mentioned doctrine, extra ecclesiam nulla salus (outside the Church no salvation)--as noted, first articulated by third-century St.
Russians, we learn, often think of St Petersburg as decidedly exclusivist.
Francis is making it clear that he's having none of that exclusivist setup.
As citizens across the Arab world connected their dismal material prospects to stagnant, exclusivist politics--governments fell.
And is there any future in the exclusivist, irredentist notions advocated by hard-line Israelis or their counterparts in the Palestinian camp?
But the real battle is against both Sunni and Shia extremism where the majority of people, Sunni or Shia, who are probably perfectly content to live and let live, in the same way that nowadays most Catholics and Protestants do, are caught in a vicious and often literal crossfire between competing exclusivist views of the 'true' Islam.
The topics include Augustine between Manichaean and Catholic Christianity, understanding a universal religion with exclusivist practices, the few and the many as a motif of Augustine's controversy with the Manichaeans, a protreptic to a liminal Manichaean at the center of Augustine's Confessions, and Manichaean self-designations in the Western tradition.
The so called Hindu nationalism has taken its roots from this hate-driven exclusivist pamphlet of Savarkar.
An exclusivist approach to religion has deep philosophical roots.
About the ADL, they add: "this self-described advocate of anti-bias trainings promotes an exclusivist Jewish state that keeps Palestinians out of their ancestral homeland, and irresponsibly mislabels advocacy on behalf of Palestinians as 'anti-Semitic.
This is an excellent addition to the ongoing dialogue between science and religion, one that does not take an exclusivist position, which would lead to an end of healthy discussion.
Additionally, Kim explains Plantinga's exclusivist views when referring to what a Christian exclusivist would be in relation to the conditions to the acceptance of Christian belief (or CE) as follows:
The statement requests that UNESCO assumes its mandate to demand Israeli authorities immediately to halt all such works that remove historical remains and impose exclusivist occupation narrative.
I do not want my son or my daughter to feel the contradiction of being told that they (and all persons) are made in the image of God, while seeing clearly a bias in church teaching from its exclusivist Eurocentric Catholic leadership.
Taught through the exclusivist approach, the subject was meant to ensure that as pupils progress with their education, they would simultaneously progress in their Christian development.