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Synonyms for exclusiveness

tendency to associate with only a select group

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The club takes its exclusiveness seriously and the cocktails have names such as M16, Espionage and Che's Revolution.
The SportDesign steering wheel with shift paddles and the Porsche crest embossed on the head restraints of the front and outer rear seats emphasise the exclusiveness of the vehicle.
Now passengers travelling onboard Boeing 737-800 from a number of European cities, Israel and CIS countries to Moscow can enjoy the luxury and exclusiveness of Imperial class service that used to be only available on the airline's long-haul routes.
Stressing that Nazi Germany has taught the international community a harsh lesson, Putin stated, seventy years after WWII, we dont have to forget that the concept of racial supremacy and exclusiveness have resulted in the most bloody wars.
The BEST fare is offered to the most demanding private customers who value comfort and exclusiveness.
But those in favour said it would "enhance the setting and surroundings" and "supported the exclusiveness of Darras Hall.
The key challenge will be whether it can retain its mystique of exclusiveness at a cheaper price pont.
The company said it signed an exclusiveness agreement with CBF Brazilian Football Confederation and over the next four years, will carry the delegations participating in the games of Brazil's Cup, Brazilian Championship and Brazil's national soccer team.
Exclusiveness is what sets apart DDF from others," says Abhijit Das, Head of Marketing, DDFS ( Delhi Duty Free Services), " We try to be the first in the region or atleast within Indian retail outlets, with a tag of exclusivity.
Listing three main challenges in front of the EU as the global power shifts to East Asia, European influence decreases, cultural exclusiveness becomes more prominent and there is a rise in the number of extreme movements, Davutoy-lu argued that "Turkey is a cure to these challenges, not a burden" as he urged European decision makers to consider Turkey's membership in the context of Europe's future based on this framework.
I hope the Bar's constitutional attorneys test the exclusiveness of the rule for equal protection and due process and make an effort to reaffirm the absolute cornerstone right of all Americans to have unrestricted access to the court system by hand delivery, mail, or email filing and service where possible.
Equally important, a national unity government means the exclusiveness of Assad from the political arena.
There are different dimensions of migrant exclusiveness based on class, gender composition, their land and property rights, their place of origin, and so on.
The countries, who are keeping nuclear arsenals along with peaceful nuclear energy, will definitely be looking to keep their opportunities in all NPT sessions and meanwhile, they will try to keep their dominance and exclusiveness of nuclear energy.
Today's graphic artists and ad campaign professionals would do well to study this collection of posters created in the early decades of the 20th century as rail travel became popular for tourists, and railway companies were eager to promote attractiveness, mystique, and romantic exclusiveness.