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Synonyms for exclusiveness

tendency to associate with only a select group

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Young people today (straight or gay) will not abide exclusiveness or bullying in any form.
Such statements contradict with the principles and values they are calling for, on top of which that people of a country are the source of legitimacy, and not the content expressed by this state or that, and that occurs due to the residual of the colonialist ideology and the mentality of hegemony, arrogance and exclusiveness, which are the main reason for tensions in the world.
The line of reasoning throughout this discussion seems quite consistent with the idea that the distinction of degree constitutes a comprehensive ecumenical position, whereas the distinction in kind indicates the exclusiveness of the cut.
The values of Zawawi Trading Company and the brand image of Mercedes-Benz with its stylish, innovative and refined products align themselves perfectly well with the principles and values of Oman Sail and the emotional, exiting and exclusiveness the RC44 event brings here in Oman," said Clive Hammond, CEO of Automotive, Zawawi Trading Company.
Added Aquino, "What makes this location especially outstanding is both its proximity to Northern Boulevard's restaurant row and its exclusiveness by still being a few miles away.
Pencils[TM] do not only enhance exclusiveness to any creation, they also compliment your coffee, tea or digestive drinks.
Like its Mercedes-Benz namesake, the Ingenieur Automatic AMG Black Series Ceramic boasts exclusiveness, high performance and exceptional build quality.
In politics and especially in democracy juggernauting is quintessentially self-defeating because of its exclusiveness and its undertakers would be definite victim at the end of the day because its prognosis could not be otherwise.
New York (AirGuide Features - Inside Air Travel) Wed, Jul 9, 2014 Madagascaras tourism industry may well be the smallest of the Indian Ocean islands, but in this we find exclusiveness like no where else in the Indian Ocean.
The club takes its exclusiveness seriously and the cocktails have names such as M16, Espionage and Che's Revolution.
The SportDesign steering wheel with shift paddles and the Porsche crest embossed on the head restraints of the front and outer rear seats emphasise the exclusiveness of the vehicle.
But those in favour said it would "enhance the setting and surroundings" and "supported the exclusiveness of Darras Hall.
As press-service of Unibank reported, the demand for this credit product is conditioned by its exclusiveness at the market.
The company said it signed an exclusiveness agreement with CBF Brazilian Football Confederation and over the next four years, will carry the delegations participating in the games of Brazil's Cup, Brazilian Championship and Brazil's national soccer team.