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Synonyms for exclude

Synonyms for exclude

to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

Synonyms for exclude

prevent from being included or considered or accepted

lack or fail to include

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prevent from entering

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uk show we're spending an average of PS71 on jumpers, blankets, hotwater bottles and draught excluders.
has completed enrollment into its early feasibility study evaluating the Gore Excluder Thoracoabdominal Branch Endoprosthesis (TAMBE) for the treatment of aortic aneurysms involving the visceral branch vessels, the company said on Tuesday.
99 DRAUGHT EXCLUDER Red charcoal woven check draught excluder, Next, www.
TURN DOWN AND SWITCH OFF The research also showed over half of people believe that using a draught excluder helps us save money, but only two-fifths realise only filling up the kettle with as much water as you need also helps.
Up to now, the wind industry has had to rely on standard rubber excluder seals available in the market for general industry that didn't consider, let alone meet, the challenges found in wind turbine main shafts.
A patented premium sealing system with excluder seal technology.
A 'sausage' fabric draught excluder will also help to reduce draughts, as a brush strip will only cover some of the gap - fit it too low, and it will drag on the floor.
Graham Henry tests out green items for the home, including a draught excluder, shower timer and an environmentallyfriendly shower head
It was right in the middle of the Queen's speech and after about ten pints of gut-rot cider when he decided to cut a hole in my parents' draft excluder, take off his trousers and begin performing what he called "a hand's free production" of The Jungle Book for us kids.
After completing her row of knitting, her teacher did the rest of it and finished making a fancy draught excluder.
Bycatch is greatly reduced by the use of TEDs (Turtle Excluder Devices).
Certification was granted after an assessment of trawlers' operations and practices by a Turtle Excluder Device (TED) team from the US in February.
sea turtle conservation program is a requirement that commercial shrimp boats use sea turtle excluder devices (TEDs) to prevent the accidental drowning of sea turtles in shrimp trawls.
Specifics on the driveline are a triple-lip bearing seal with metal environmental excluder and dual-seal, maintenance-free slip spline.
Our objective was to identify one or more excluder sizes that would simultaneously reduce sizes and numbers of sponge crabs relative to control pots while maintaining sizes and numbers of nonsponged crabs.