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  • verb

Synonyms for exclude

Synonyms for exclude

to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

Synonyms for exclude

prevent from being included or considered or accepted

lack or fail to include

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prevent from entering

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5) that parallel the surplus suspension rules described above for dispositions of property other than excluded property, depreciable property, or eligible capital property.
Although Rieger clearly favors liberation thought, his goal is to bring together all four modes of theology, each making its own contribution and each enlivened further by new alertness to the world's excluded.
The Seventh Circuit concluded that excluded COD income reduces the shareholder's S corporation loss carryforward.
All set-asides are fully excluded from income and resource tests but only if the plan is approved by Social Security administrators.
If contracts for modular building become broadly excluded from piggybacking, school districts are expected to incur an additional $25 million a year in costs, and the ability of those school districts to add much needed classrooms and other educational facilities would be delayed three months or more due to the competitive bidding process.
Because California has no counterpart to section 936(h), an excluded 936 possessions corporation that used the federal profit split on its federal return has audit exposure for California state tax purposes under California's version of section 482 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Excluded from the Class are all persons who obtained Premarin(R) through the MediCal Prescription Drug Program, the Defendants (along with their parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates), all governmental entities, and all persons or entities that purchased Premarin(R) directly from the Defendants or for purposes of resale.
The selection process is based on the individual project karlovy vary region "promoting social inclusion of socially excluded localities in the karlovy vary region ii", which aims to support work with families and minors (15-26 years), followed by systemic support social service providers.
Otherwise, the value of the benefits would not be excluded from the employee's gross income.
No surplus may be recognized on the disposition of excluded property in the course of the LLC's business because the owner or owners of the LLC, not the LLC itself, are taxable in respect of the enterprise's earnings.
Before IRC section 104(a)(2) was amended by the SBJPA, damages received as a result of personal injury or sickness were excluded from gross income.
To be excluded from the Class, or to be heard personally or through an attorney at the hearing, you must follow the procedures described in the Notice.
Contract notice: Ensuring the provision of social services social services for families with children in socially excluded localities karlovy vary region.
Certain unrelated income streams are excluded from UBTI.