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Synonyms for exclude

Synonyms for exclude

to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

Synonyms for exclude

prevent from being included or considered or accepted

lack or fail to include

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prevent from entering

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The court felt that rules that exclude items from income should be construed narrowly The court reasoned that, historically, insolvent taxpayers could exclude DOI income to preserve a debtor's "fresh start," so as not to burden him with an immediate tax liability when a debt is forgiven.
Therefore, in accordance with its stated criteria, Standard & Poor's would still exclude such loans from its structured finance transactions.
The new CDC study, says Willett, "took only half-hearted measures to exclude people with chronic disease.
This election is made by filing a return for the tax year of the sale or exchange of the taxpayer's principal residence that excludes the gain from gross income.
The limited warranty must be extended to the first owner of the home and survive the passing of title but may exclude any, or all, subsequent owners.
Those defending accounting malpractice, cases may welcome the ability to use Daubert to exclude testimony offered by plaintiff's experts that is implausible and below professional standards.
As such, we, and our investors and analysts, exclude this stock-based compensation expense when assessing the cash generating performance of our operations.
Smith must include the punitive portion of the award in his gross income but would exclude the $250,000 payment for actual physical injuries.
Crescent's FFO, as adjusted, follows the NAREIT definition, but is adjusted to (i) exclude the impact of impairment charges and debt extinguishment charges related to the sale of real estate assets and (ii) include the impact of gains on sale of developed operating properties and promoted interests.
For purposes of FICA, FUTA and Federal income tax withholding, "wages" do not include any benefit provided to, or on behalf of, an employee if it is reasonable to believe that the employee will be able to exclude such benefit from income under Sec.
Schleier(1)(*) that section 104(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code(2) does not authorize a former United Airlines pilot to exclude from his gross income the amount received in settlement of a claim for back pay and liquidated damages under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.
May an employer exclude part-time employees from participating in an Internal Revenue Code section 401(k) savings plan or from other qualified plans the employer maintains?
The use of a revocable trust allows Roberts to control the building's ultimate disposition and to exclude it from his probate estate; however, the building will be included in his taxable estate.