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sudden and strong


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We can even, after linguists, speak of a "key," a characteristic pitch level (Fox 316-17), and connect the content ofWhitman's exclamatory passages to the '"the natural expression of energetic and joyful emotions'" (qtd.
Tom Cotton's El Dorado office sent an exclamatory email to the Arkansas insurance Department on behalf of "constituents that are priced out of health care by WEHCO," although it's not clear if more than one constituent actually called her congressman for help.
She is a girl interrupted by a revelation brought forth and named by an exclamatory personal pronoun.
This adolescent outburst, with its repetition and its exclamatory tone, reveals how difficult it will be for Otino to forget his wife.
Female executors use more approximative adjectives in their speech than men and to emphasize on their speech use more exclamatory words than males and even use questioned and affirmative sentences in exclamatory tone, and also use more tag questions to get the audiences' confirmation.
According to different tones, sentences of type J are divided into declarative sentence, interrogative sentence, exclamatory sentence and imperative sentence [10].
And despite the corn and the exclamatory way in which it grew, the poem ends darkly with the implicit threat of "So many things, so many / things in us when we are born.
The Los Angeles Times awards the CD three out of four stars, stating, "Combined with Tribbett's breathless, exclamatory singing, this frenzied variety demonstrates the breadth of his devotion" (http://lat.
And since they must perform to impress, the oriki chanters' language is wholly "evocative, exclamatory, laudatory, and hyperbolic" (Smith 353) and these oral performances are backed by instrumental accompaniment.
In the case of Freshana and Petromist, I didn't get the "show"--no yelling or exclamatory statements that "this product will turn a land fill into a nature preserve .
27) There are glimmerings of greatness here, but too often a sonnet like "To the Winds," which contains some lovely and original lines ("And oft I stretch me on the daisied ground, / To see you crimp the wrinkled flood below") is spoiled by weak exclamatory praise, whose archaisms congeal the poem's organic flow: "Painters of Nature
And yet, throughout their tour, we heard exclamatory words and phrases like "I've never before" and "This is the best" and "Amazing".
The story has a happy ending, an exclamatory triumph of the grotesque body and sawbones medicine:
And Thinkin' Bout You (pronoun-free, except for an exclamatory "boy") seems more intentional than before.