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a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation

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To those of us who are serious about writing, and especially about writing for a business audience, extravagant exclamation points send the same message as i's dotted with little hearts: This writer is not confident that his words and ideas are strong enough with out decoration.
Gopnik is only too self-aware of his own situation: "Paris for Americans is no longer an exclamation point at the end of the world but a question mark at the fringe of our Empire, and if exclamation points provoke poetry, cultural interrogation produces comedy.
In his book, A Vision of How Hokkaido will be Five Years From Now, Sapporo University professor Koyata Washida spares no exclamation points.
Some of the falling props--feathers, a shoe, a sausage--served mostly as slightly superfluous exclamation points in an otherwise excellent visual design.
It resembles the wall of a campy diner--plenty of autographed photos, messages ending with exclamation points.
Exhibits 1 and 2 present how to create a filter using Microsoft Outlook and Netscape Navigator that will take any message with three exclamation points in a subject line and move it to a "junk" file.
The difference, of course, is that Pittman takes Pollock's privacy - the entrenchment of his work within the interior of the self and the momentary act of painting - and goes public with it, mapping vortexes with street-sign arrows, translating "pure opticality" into the pop idiom of psychedelic patterning, advertising libidinal release through wandering question marks and exclamation points, bursting radial tracery, swarming flamelike paisleys, and an effusion of what looks like Symbolist clip art.
A person using many exclamation points and the first person was perceived as feminine and happy.
Five couples swirled through a series of lifts and pivot turns, leaping about in slashes like vivid exclamation points in Choo-San Goh's luminous Momentum, a company premiere.
For example, in her design rules for digital life -- her advice for how individuals can navigate the digital world -- the exclamation points outnumber the pages.
Working with timely but overwrought material, O'Reilly directs with exclamation points and his cast follows where he leads.