exclamation mark

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a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation

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Full stops, commas, and even exclamation marks can sometimes be difficult to handle and we often hesitate when it comes to using an apostrophe.
My disinclination to use the exclamation mark has resulted in me getting very few dates.
Maybe putting more than one exclamation mark on the end will do the trick?
But there are always more to come--perhaps "double colons" or "an exclamation mark with a dash through it, to show certitude"--and as Crystal asks, question mark and all, "who knows which of one of these might not one day go viral, and become a regular part of our punctuation system?
Exclamation mark hairs are absent and the hair pull test is negative (7).
Each has white capital letters in the same typeface on a red background and followed by an exclamation mark.
Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Litchtenheld's EXCLAMATION MARK (9780545436793, $17.
A useful rule of thumb in this fiery furnace of psuedo-news may be to pay no attention whatsoever to anything that carries the aforesaid exclamation mark, and leave its (mis) user to go and have a lie down.
Which is the only English town to have an exclamation mark after its name?
Damien Takacs, nine, of Year 4, said: "In the middle of most paragraphs you could put a question to the reader or use a short sentence for impact with an exclamation mark so it grabs attention.
ONE of the greatest crimes of Budget day was against the most misused key on the keyboard, the overly thumped exclamation mark.
I am going to turn that question mark by my name into an exclamation mark.
The exclamation mark is meant to capture the zany fun of a Bob Hope-Bing Crosby road movie.
The exclamation mark was introduced in English printing only in the 15th century.
Sorry Ed about the extra colon after the exclamation mark.