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Synonyms for excited

Synonyms for excited

feeling a very strong emotion

Synonyms for excited

(of persons) excessively affected by emotion

in an aroused state

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marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion

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She delights in learning; her face actually lights up," says assistant professor James Frazier, who, when Houlihan first turned up in his African American Presence in American Dance class, called up a friend excitedly and said, "You won't believe this--Gerri Houlihan is taking my class
A new African immigrant talked about how she had excitedly attended an Anglican church in her neighbourhood only to be told that, "your church is down the corner.
Hearing Shakur referencing key 12-step phrases like "One day at a time," LaPolt stood up amid dozens of lawyers and blurted excitedly, "I'm 92 days sober
As if parodying the Hollywood thriller commonplace of the intuitive detective experiencing lightning-bolt revelations, he excitedly babbles, "He's here, he's right here," convinced that his unknown enemy--a child-stealing Erl-King of his own making--is watching from nearby.
However, a small decrease in intensity earlier in the exercise bout--in marathoning, this means slowing down for the race's early miles, while everyone around you is excitedly pushing the pace--often spares glycogen sufficiently to avoid total depletion.
A girl excitedly and vividly explains everything she loves about winter, including hot cocoa, tobogganing, frost, and snow.
Martel excitedly commented that "there was a buzz around my film and I have to send tapes to the many television stations that have requested one.
1 clicked on what turned out to be 'Special Events' and excitedly clicked again to download a ticket form for the Blue Room Beaux Arts Ball only to get a 'Not Found'.
In fact, the last time experts excitedly proclaimed the arrival of oriented polypropylene bottles was 1989.
While the insurers and the leaseholder of the World Trade Center carried on a court battle on whether the 9/11 terrorist attacks count as one of two incidents, a Downtown official and the chairman and CEO of one of the area's most prominent businesses spoke excitedly about the future and the need for a resolve to never forget the past.
My friends followed, and we could hear the man mid his wife yelling excitedly up into the air until their voices faded away, thousands of feet below.
One reporter wrote: "Friday morning the Fathers excitedly discussed a virulent speech of Bishop Alexander Carter" (Henri Fesquet in The Drama of Vatican II, p.
Even those hearing him for the first time asked excitedly, "What sort of new teaching is this?
It blows VHS away," Alexander excitedly points out.
How refreshing it is to hear impressionable young school children, curious about original intent and brimming with knowledge about the affairs of state, excitedly passing on the most minute details of presidential leadership.