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Synonyms for excited

Synonyms for excited

feeling a very strong emotion

Synonyms for excited

(of persons) excessively affected by emotion

in an aroused state

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marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion

References in classic literature ?
He was sure of it, and his heart beat excitedly at the thought, he knew not why.
e Year 6 boys then excitedly took part in e Year 6 boys then excitedly took part in a science, technology and music lesson before spending the last lesson of the day back in their House, where their Learning Leader proudly presented them with their new Woodlands Academy tie.
net or 01207 218171 You wouldn't think it to look at him (the yellowing has nothing to do with age) but all-time favourite Sooty is celebrating his 65th year in showbiz and will no doubt be squeaking excitedly about it when he arrives in the north on his UK tour.
John says into the camera excitedly before training the camera on Gill, who smiles and excitedly replies: "To get married.
He then grins excitedly as he poses against the famous models.
Josie excitedly Tweeted: "Just got a cheque through the post for overseas sales of Whose Line.
WILLIAM HILL staff at the shop in Kettlehouse, Kingstanding, Birmingham, managed by Michelle Bentley, will be excitedly looking out for the Scoop6 bonus race this weekend, as they have a punter who picked up over pounds 147,000 (customer staked pounds 32) after landing the win element of the bet last Saturday that saw five other winners, including Harry Findlay.
The wedding's going to be fairly low key and they are already excitedly talking about how they are going to be parents.
The ill horses exhibited abnormal behavior--running about excitedly, walking into walls, being unable to chew food.
And even their dogs Yogi and Taz got caught up in the joy of the occasion, excitedly licking the faces of smiling Sam and Tiger.
ON THE 17th of November, Year 4 pupils from Ryton Junior School excitedly set off to the City Learning Centre.
But then the singer whose parents are excitedly waiting in the next room (after having sent several e-mails about how talented their prodigy is and how excited/prepared/nervous they were) steps up to the audition spot and opens their mouth.
She was excitedly recounting her recollection of receiving a direct-mail pitch nine years ago inviting her to subscribe to a forthcoming magazine, Black Issues Book Review.
Jim Greenwood, a pro-abortion Republican from Pennsylvania, excitedly announced that the Bush administration was likely to flip-flop on the issue and make Plan B available over the counter (OTC).
She delights in learning; her face actually lights up," says assistant professor James Frazier, who, when Houlihan first turned up in his African American Presence in American Dance class, called up a friend excitedly and said, "You won't believe this--Gerri Houlihan is taking my class