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Synonyms for state

Synonyms for state

manner of being or form of existence

a condition of excited distress

an organized geopolitical unit

to utter publicly

to declare by way of a systematic statement

to put into words positively and with conviction

Synonyms for state

the way something is with respect to its main attributes

the group of people comprising the government of a sovereign state

(chemistry) the three traditional states of matter are solids (fixed shape and volume) and liquids (fixed volume and shaped by the container) and gases (filling the container)

a state of depression or agitation

put before

indicate through a symbol, formula, etc.


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Our new results with keeping the atoms in the excited state for a very long time give us better control of the electrons jumping between orbits and this means that the quantum uncertainty is reduced.
For the two types (up and down) of quarks and antiquarks to generate all four generation leptons from annihilations, they must have at least one excited state.
Think of the disc-like circular structures (in blue, purple, and yellow) as reservoirs (photochemists call them manifolds) that contain all the UV filter molecules in their various states: ground state, singlet excited state and triplet excited state.
This, assumes a whole number order of reaction in ITX and is reasonable as most two component photochemical reactions are first order in the excited state species.
The electron in the excited state need not have the same set of quantum numbers as the electron with which it was paired in the bonding orbital in the ground state before absorption.
These include the nickel organic light stabilizers AM105 and AM205 that function by a quenching mechanism to dissipate the energy from the excited state of the carbonyl groups formed during photo-oxidation.
An atom in an excited state can have an electron that roams very far from its nucleus.
The Americans struggled to master the ponies and the GB team received ponies from them on the changeovers every four races usually in an excited state.
3 available on Betfair prerace, which probably explained his excited state.
Recently a number of other quenchers were introduced into the industry, primarily in the United States, that have fancier names such as Triplet-Triplet quenchers or Excited State quenchers.
The excited state is very short lived at room temperature, usually between 10 e(-15) to l0 e(-6) s for a singlet state and 10 e(-6) to 30 s for triplet state.
The man was described as heavyset, between 30 and 40 years old, and dressed in a tracksuit, and he was in a highly excited state - perhaps drunk, according to local reports.
This goal is beset by many difficulties since the fluorescence radiance depends on three parameters 1) the probability of absorbing a photon (molar extinction), 2) the number of fluorophores, and 3) the probability of radiative decay of the excited state (quantum yield).
The pulse deposited energy in the electrons of the nucleosides much as sunlight would, putting the nucleosides into an excited state.