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Synonyms for excited

Synonyms for excited

feeling a very strong emotion

Synonyms for excited

(of persons) excessively affected by emotion

in an aroused state

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marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion

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We are excited to leverage the content and reach of HSN -- the most widely distributed television shopping network -- to offer Excite users a unique broadband shopping experience," said Richard Gingras, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Excite Studios, Excite@Home.
Mascot Network is excited about the tremendous value this relationship will provide to our partner schools," said Jaja Jackson, president and co-founder of Mascot Network.
We're very excited about having the Internet Home Tour come to the Chicagoland area for a second year," said Bob Krahman, Director of @Home Marketing for AT&T Broadband in the Greater Chicago Market.
We are really excited to be working with a major entertainment brand of Universal's stature and reputation as we expand the Excite chat experience and community.
SyncML has delivered this revolutionary protocol to the industry and we are very excited to demonstrate these real-life TrueSync implementations using products deployed by globally established players in personal electronics like Sony Electronics and personalized wireless portals like Excite@Home.
We're very excited about this relationship and delivering this powerful new service to Web consumers.
We want to ensure the best possible search experience for our users -- so we're excited to provide LookSmart's high quality search directory results," stated Yuki Yamamura, General Manager for Excite Japan.
With the most recognized global entertainment brands, MTVi is well positioned to develop creative and compelling content for the broadband era, and we are very excited to be partnering with Excite@Home, the leader in broadband.
I am excited to become a member of the strong management team and assist as the company advances mass marketing to one-to-one communications through interactive dialogues with consumers.
We are very excited to make our technology available to Excite's Communities," said, Will Poole, Sr.
Such a structure would prevent an excited atom embedded within it from spontaneously emitting a photon, in effect greatly prolonging the time an atom could spend in an excited state.
Spontaneous emission of photons by atoms is such a fundamental, ubiquitous phenomenon that it's easy to forget that an excited atom will emit a photon only if the surrounding vacuum (the space between atoms) can receive it.
Burger King has been a leader in developing creative ways to reach its customer base and we are very excited to be joining them in this exciting program.
We're very excited to be partnering with AOL Latin America and Warner Music Latin America to bring this special promotion to our Mexican customers.