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The patient did not progress to the Excitative or Paralytic stage of rabies but, rather, continued to manifest mental symptoms of disorientation, disorganization, and unusual behavior.
begin strikethrough][any narcotic, hypnotic, or excitative drug][end strikethrough]
Our experiments with the use of a mathematical model of neural network learning on the basis of changes in the effectiveness of excitative and inhibitory synapses yielded satisfactory evidence of this hypothesis (Shulgina, Ponomarev, et al.
Jaek reported on the 9th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating, Rome, 1999 that the effect of the short-wave region of the spectrum of the Sun on alkali feldspars is excitative, and bleaching at the same time (saving of the light sum takes place).
So if "exceptional" doesn't do justice to you, how about extraordinary, expert, experienced, exhortative, evaluable, evocative, excitative, enlightened, exasperated, established, essential, estranged, or exhausted.
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