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Synonyms for excitable

Synonyms for excitable

easily excited


capable of responding to stimuli


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A case in point is the fascinatingly flowing, excitably breathing second movement of Iberia (Les parfums de la nuit) and the engrossing dance nature of its first and final movements.
And the let excitably claims that all these big shifts--especially the destruction of the News of the World and the overhaul of marriage to include same-sex couples--are wonderful, revolt--like moments, which they played a part in bringing about, like modern-day Martin Luther Kings.
Morrissey would like to stress that reports of his 'retirement', as excitably earmarked by several newspapers and websites, are 'wishful thinking' on behalf of the writers," a spokesman for the singer wrote in a statement.
Worst listening of the week: TalkSPORT buffoon Ronnie Irani spending an hour excitably discussing stories from the morning press - then insisting that he doesn't read papers because they are too mean to people like Ashley Cole, who seems like a 'great bloke' to Irani.
However, news that the company will be revived under its old name gives this old man a future vision in which a Birkenhead-built cruise liner steams up the Gulf of Trieste with sirens blasting to be greeted by a million excitably gesturing Italians in their premier shipbuilding city.
In about four minutes of stage time, Nitin Kundra makes him excitably gauche to the point of hilarious frustration.
30am in the morning to set the table and play with her children as they excitably wake up.
He excitably told me that, since I sang his praises in this column a few months ago, he's become the city's hottest barman.