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Synonyms for excitable

Synonyms for excitable

easily excited


capable of responding to stimuli


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However, news that the company will be revived under its old name gives this old man a future vision in which a Birkenhead-built cruise liner steams up the Gulf of Trieste with sirens blasting to be greeted by a million excitably gesturing Italians in their premier shipbuilding city.
30am in the morning to set the table and play with her children as they excitably wake up.
He excitably told me that, since I sang his praises in this column a few months ago, he's become the city's hottest barman.
After two great weeks sipping (and of course comparing) cocktails by the pool at the Delano Hotel, I was heading home on a reputable airline (named after a type of mixed drink, oddly) to excitably inform my colleagues in London that, yes, we really were making inroads--the scene in Miami wasn't a million miles away from where we were aiming to position our own industry.
After several seconds, in which Best charged excitably down the pitch without asking the question - as the International Cricket Council's tough code of conduct insists - Bowden sent England's No.