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Synonyms for excitable

Synonyms for excitable

easily excited


capable of responding to stimuli


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The coach stopped for dinner; and some of our passengers left us, the excitable man with the handbills among the number.
In one video , she was seen enjoying a walk with her excitable puppy while another saw him gobbling down food.
I've travelled with Kate a few times and, although she can be quite loud and excitable, it's always in a playful way.
Patterns in Excitable Media: Genesis, Dynamics, and Control
A tale of unlikely friendship between a mine owner and his excitable foreman, Zorba's enthusiasm for life is contagious.
Shiloh is 18-months-old with an excitable nature but needs a strong owner.
Vin Diesel Alan Carr: Chatty Man Summer Special Channel 4, 9pm He's forever pushing his specs back up his nose, and his excitable squeal of a laugh is akin to the rants of a terrified pig, but don't hold it against Alan Carr.
DESPERATE DOGSDESPERATE DOGS He can be very excitable and would benefit from an owner who could continue his basic training.
ALAN CARR: CHATTY MAN (C4, 10pm) HE'S highly excitable at the best of times but we're expecting host Alan Carr, pictured, to be squealing with delight and behaving like a chimp on heat when he welcomes pop princess Kylie Minogue onto his sofa tonight.
TOM George's gamble of running the excitable Noche De Reyes just five days after his last outing was rewarded at Ludlow.
Both make my eightyear-old girl Erin drop her 'too cool' attitude and be excitable again.
However, ionic models are not largely suitable for modeling many important properties of an excitable cardiac cell such as cardiac arrhythmias.
Danielle said: "She was very excitable, like an excitable puppy.
We're getting a bit excitable about the return of Dallas now it's airing Stateside (come on Channel 5, get a wriggle on).
At the world premiere of the new movie at the Royal Festival Hall in London on Tuesday night, the 'Harry Potter' actor, famous for his excitable personality, said that he found playing the lead character difficult, as he had to subdue himself constantly.