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The only treatment available in our setting is surgery, which in our patients ranged from excisional lumpectomy to radical mastectomy with axillary lymph node dissection.
Pathologic upgrade was defined as the presence of invasive carcinoma, DCIS, or pleomorphic LCIS (in cases in which only classic LCIS was present in the needle core biopsy) in the subsequent excisional biopsy specimen.
Excisional biopsy was performed and pathologic examination of the specimen showed a lymphoepithelial lesion rich in plasma cells, centroblasts, and immunoblast-like cells.
Excisional biopsy of the node was done, which was diagnostic of tuberculosis.
Mohs surgery is a highly effective surgical technique for achieving the complete removal of most types of cutaneous and oral pharyngeal cancers, while also allowing greater sparing of surrounding normal tissues than other excisional techniques.
Excisional biopsy is the preferred method for melanocytic lesions, when possible, because partial biopsy may sample nondiagnostic areas or miss the prognostically worse portion of the lesion.
To rule out any malignancy, excisional lymph node biopsy, bone marrow examination, Computed tomography (CT) scan of abdomen, chest and neck were done.
Washington, June 26 (ANI): When a teenage girl discovers a lump in her breast, she should go for ultrasound examination instead of going for an immediate excisional biopsy, suggested a study.
Excisional techniques include cold knife conisation, laser conisation, and large loop excision of the transformation zone.
In women with CIN 1 who previously had HGSIL or AGC-NOS, three options are to be considered: 1) diagnostic excisional procedure, except in adolescents and pregnant women; 2) observation with colposcopy and cytology at six-month intervals for one year if the colposcopy is satisfactory and endocervical curettage is negative; and 3) review all findings and revise interpretation, if appropriate.
Those procedures which were undertaken with RA comprised either surgical removal of molar units, tongue-tie release, mucocele removal or excisional biopsy.
Imagine, for example, losing the excisional biopsy of a possible melanoma.
Preclinical studies using an animal (pig) wound model have shown that topical application of a KGF formulation with the GelSite polymer significantly increased wound re-epithelialization or closure of full-thickness excisional wounds, as compared to the KGF formulation in saline only.
Extensive workup for alternate etiologies was negative and while serologies specific for SS were unremarkable, the diagnosis was eventually suggested by excisional biopsy.
Excisional surgery has been replaced by the use of cyclosporins capsules, which are effective, but their cost will make you glad you are insured or wish you had been.