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Cannon's life during his period in the Excise does not conform to the stereotype of the exciseman as a social outcast, hated by all for his grasping ways in the service of the state.
HE wasn't a very good farmer and changed career to become an exciseman, but his talent for writing simple poetry which cut through hypocrisy made him Scotlan's most famous poet.
Over the years, those criminals could have encountered some famous people: Geoffrey Chaucer was a Customs officer for 12 years, while Robert Burns wrote about his time as an exciseman in the 1700s and legendary economist Adam Smith became Commissioner of Customs at Edinburgh in 1778.
As an Exciseman he'd have been tried for treason which would definitely have led to a noose around his neck.
Rose Biquall and Rose Murphy joined Thomas Davis and John Bell in assaulting Lawrence Parker, an exciseman, when he inspected the house of correction at Tothill Fields.
This is a realistic and restrained biography of the small farmer's son - well read if spasmodically educated - the poet, and the exciseman in search of promotion.
When he quit farming in 1786, Burns' new vocation as an exciseman took him all over the Scottish Lowlands and Borders, with frequent forays into the Highlands.
Darwin told Edgeworth: Mr Keir amuses his vacant hours by mixing oil and alkaline salts together, to preserve his Majesty's subjects clean and sweet - and pays 100 Guineas every week to an animal called an Exciseman.
As an autodidact grazier's son turned exciseman turned schoolmaster and factotum scrivener with a decidedly prickly sense of himself, Cannon was certainly not typical.
It is 50 years since audiences fell in love with the tale of Hebridean islanders plundering Scotch from a shipwreck, while keeping one step ahead of the exciseman.
ROBERT Burns was an exciseman in the Annan area and is said to have written The Diel's Awa' Wi' The Exciseman while lodging at Provost Williamson's house in the town.
It is worth remembering that, while working as an exciseman, Burns had to take an oath of allegiance to George III.