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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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Adler and Dumas (1984) suggest that exchange rate exposure is defined as the impact of unanticipated changes in exchange rates on stock prices and exposure to exchange risk can be quantified by the regression coefficient associated with stock returns regressed against exchange rate changes.
The official exchange rate of manat to Russian ruble set by the CBA remained unchanged last week.
This exchange rate opens your world to a multitude of fun beaches, exciting island-hopping adventures and a lot more.
framework eliminating exchange rate volatility as a source of asymmetric shocks.
Even if determination of exchange rates by macroeconomic fundamentals has been often examined, few studies have investigated the response of exchange rate movements to portfolio flow changes in the Tunisian context.
The People's Bank of China intervened heavily to push down the RMB-dollar exchange rate between February and April in 2014 to stamp out a one-way bet on RMB appreciation, which had gone on for many years.
The Balassa-Samuelson model has been widely used in analyzing real exchange rate determination.
Another growth of the Euro exchange rate took place on October 21 up to 71.
In a statement to SUNA, Hijair pointed out that the stability of the normal and custom exchange rate from the official deal (Banks and Exchanges) reverse to the parallel market, noting that the mechanisms of the exchange rate's stability alone didn't give the required outcomes, calling on the concerning authorities to introduce some additional acts to work to contribute to stability of the exchange rate.
Let me mention that in the last decade, there have been some episodes when the real exchange rate index reached levels higher than 130, signaling a strong overvaluation of the Turkish lira.
Keywords: Exchange rate, Inflation rate, Imports, Exports.
Exchange rate is the price of a currency at which a country trades it for another country's currency, normally on the foreign exchange (forex) market.
An optimist point of view in the society has led to a decline in the exchange rate.
Average Euro Exchange Rates Applied By Banks in Client Transactions Differ from the Official Middle Exchange Rate of the National Bank of Serbia by Maximum 2.
Because that response depends on the structural characteristics of the economy and the policy framework that is in place, the analysis focuses on the response of economic activity and the real exchange rate to commodity price shocks, notably controlling for the role played by financial market depth and the exchange rate regime.