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a fee charged for exchanging currencies

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Holders of Existing Notes who validly tender Existing Notes after the Early Exchange Date that are accepted for exchange will receive the Total Exchange Price less the early exchange premium of $50.
Table 4: SHOP Exchange Premiums after ACA under Different Stop-Loss Policies Scenario 2: Scenario 3: Baseline Stop Loss Generous Stop Loss Bronze 3,834 (26) 3,851 (27) Silver 4,473 (31) 4,493 (32) Gold 5,112 (35) 5,135 (36) Platinum 5,751 (40) 5,777 (41) Percentage change 0.
Exchange premium volume should be, and probably will be, at least 20 percent higher than that $140 million figure.
3817 Country Sample Foreign Exchange Premium, [delta][f.
Getting a budget measure that effectively repeals part of the law, by cutting off funding for major ACA spending programs, such as the ACA public exchange premium tax credit program, through the Senate with just 51 votes.
Before pricing of the ADS offering, Telenor may also launch a 3-year bond exchangeable into VimpelCom ADSs in an aggregate principal amount of up to USD 1,000,000,000, with an exchange premium which could be up to 35 per cent.
In addition, those who become eligible for subsidies will have to pay a portion of the exchange premium themselves, which will affect their decisions about whether to enroll in the exchanges," officials say.
25 per cent yield to maturity and 30 per cent exchange premium.
New York City time, on February 5, 2013, subject to any extension by COBNA, will receive an early exchange premium equal to $30.
Even if Republicans find ways to change health policy in the middle of the year, they may offer some kind of transitional relief to people using the Affordable Care Act public exchange premium subsidies.
New York City time, on September 15, 2016, subject to any extension by Union Pacific (the "Early Exchange Date"), will receive an additional early exchange premium.
Federal budget analysts say ACA exchange premium subsidy spending has been lower than originally expected, because premium increases have been lower than expected, and stability in employer health plan enrollment has held down individual exchange plan enrollment.
About 71 percent of the participants appeared to qualify for at least some ACA exchange premium subsidies.
New York City time, on November 1, 2012, subject to any extension by the Bank, will receive an early exchange premium equal to $50.