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Mohammed Al-Abyad, head of the General Division for exchange companies in the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC), told Daily News Egypt the exchange market is expected to see more stability in the coming period, and for the dollar price to drop on the back of Ramez's resignation.
There have been no fundamental changes in the market so we expect a stable exchange market," the Iranian minister underlined, the Islamic republic news agency reported.
The exchange rate is formed on the basis of the demand and supply for foreign currency at the interbanking foreign exchange market, she explained.
Regulators have been looking into whether currency traders shared information about their positions and knowledge of client orders through instant messages to rig the foreign exchange market in their favour.
The probe comes amid concerns about the lack of regulation in the foreign exchange market, which is the biggest in the financial system.
The report showed that the Syrian stock market responded positively to the CBS measures, as the total demand on the USD continued to retreat for the third week in a row, hitting its lowest level since last April, which helped bring stability back to the Syrian exchange market.
The CBY's Governor discussed with general-directors of commercial and Islamic banks the developments in the foreign exchange market, stressing the need for the banks' role in financial intermediation and operations of the foreign exchange market.
Average daily transactions on the Tokyo foreign exchange market in April increased around 26 percent from a year earlier to $302.
Iskandar Al Najjar, director of Advanced Currency Markets (ACM) said the foreign exchange market is one of the most attractive investment options that many people are not aware of, or are not utilising to its full potential.
Summary: Being a major tool of monetary policy, the exchange rate policy serves to influence the price of foreign currency, denominated in national currency, on the national exchange market, particularly if the latter is subject to strong variations.
The magnitude of exchange market pressure has ramifications for the overall economy.
The People's Bank of China announced Tuesday that China will introduce over-the-counter transactions in the interbank foreign exchange market effective Wednesday.
Hodrick (1987) and Frankel and Froot (1987) reject the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) in the foreign exchange market.
For the second consecutive day, the Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) intervened in the foreign exchange market after dealers began trading Jamaican currency at a record J$52 to US$1, reports The Jamaica Gleaner (Jan.
exchange markets and become accustomed to the largesse, I think an independent study is needed of, say, the Betfair exchange market operation on behalf of punters generally, to consider the
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