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at 105 ("The excessiveness inquiry of our ex post facto jurisprudence is not an exercise in determining whether the legislature has made the best choice possible to address the problem it seeks to remedy.
ignore the many different aspects of excessiveness that could, for
There is surprisingly little precedent interpreting the Excessive Bail Clause, and the methodology for determining excessiveness remains somewhat uncertain.
My claim here is that the excessiveness of the regime of movement as a form of population management has had far-reaching political implications.
The Union called on Russia and China to put an end to the Turkish government's excessiveness against Syria through threatening punitive measures against it.
Hopefully it stays focused on the bad apples and excessiveness.
Cultural invasion: it is possible by way of excessiveness in creating tourism attraction and exposing currency trading within cultural facades have gone away in tourism destination, credit and validity of religious right, habitats and customs, ceremonies and exhibitions, handicraft industries, music, and other cultural patterns in connection of its unsuitable and non-compatible presentation as a tourism attractions.
51) The same rule exists for challenging the inadequacy or excessiveness of the verdict.
This is why The Pisan Cantos must also work to resist our sympathy, registering its excessiveness not only emotionally but formally, its language churning up a seemingly endless clutter.
In Chapter Five, the overt sensationalism and excessiveness of dangdut is interpreted as a complex and unpredictable articulation of the problems and aspirations of the economically marginalized in Indonesian society.
Although the amount of public funding they receive only makes up a small proportion of their entire budget, the taxpayer nonetheless has a stake in the institution and has a right to be angry about this level of excessiveness.
High value metal, stones and workmanship is in one hand an object of excessiveness and, in the other hand, a true and tangible investment.
In it, he defended the show saying that he believed the show will be somewhat accurate in portraying the excessiveness of the Iranian-American community and that hopefully it will encourage people to change their lifestyles, after seeing it in all its Jersey Shore-like pride.
Even that hot dog 60-yard goose killer in your gang won't need anything better then the newer types of iron shot, so again there goes the tungsten neighborhood down the drain of excessiveness.