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But this heat, which is sufficient to evaporate the waters, would have formed a thick ring of cloud, which would have modified that excessive temperature; hence the compensation between the cold of the aphelion and the heat of the perihelion.
Oh nowhere, nowhere,' he returned with excessive mildness.
Pickwick, who was stationed with the old lady at the top of the dance, and had already made four false starts, in his excessive anxiety to commence.
As to the poor relations, they kissed everybody, not even excepting the plainer portions of the young lady visitors, who, in their excessive confusion, ran right under the mistletoe, as soon as it was hung up, without knowing it
The excessive audacity of this retort so overpowered Mr Chuckster, and so moved his tender regard for his friend's honour, that he declared, if he were not restrained by official considerations, he must certainly have annihilated Kit upon the spot; a resentment of the affront which he did consider, under the extraordinary circumstances of aggravation attending it, could but have met with the proper sanction and approval of a jury of Englishmen, who, he had no doubt, would have returned a verdict of justifiable Homicide, coupled with a high testimony to the morals and character of the Avenger.
Yes,' said Dick, a little disconcerted by the excessive buoyancy of spirits which his employer displayed.
Three factors were associated with having a cesarean delivery: maternal age, BMI, and excessive gestational weight gain, Dr.
Using a variety of methods to assess the impact of alcohol taxes, researchers found that alcohol taxes do not result in job losses and their effects are felt most significantly by excessive drinkers and employed people.
According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published June 26 in Preventing Chronic Disease, excessive alcohol use led to approximately 88,000 deaths per year from 2006 to 2010, and shortened the lives of those who died by about 30 years.
According to doctors, excessive hair fall, which is becoming more common among many residents in Doha, is usually caused by stress and regular use of inappropriate hair products and other chemicals.
Elsewhere in Europe, annual expenditure on medication constitutes an average of 15 percent of all healthcare expenditure, but it makes up 30 percent of healthcare expenditure in Turkey, This has sparked fears that excessive consumption of medication may become an epidemic in Turkey, with some calling for it to be treated as soon as possible.
In a press release, the Commission notes that, ''following the expiry of the usual six-month period after the Council's recommendation, the Commission has made an assessment of the action taken by Cyprus, Finland, Bulgaria and Denmark in response to the Council recommendation of 13 July 2010, with a view to bringing an end to their situation of excessive government deficit.
The implication of this finding is that interventions aimed at improving excessive daytime sleepiness may pay dividends in terms of better medication adherence.
Interventions aimed at improving excessive daytime sleepiness could pay dividends in terms of better medication adherence, which would be advantageous for heart failure patients who take numerous drugs that are important in controlling the neuroendocrine response to the disease, said Barbara Riegel, D.