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Synonyms for baggage

Synonyms for baggage

a vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety

Synonyms for baggage

a worthless or immoral woman

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the portable equipment and supplies of an army

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SCOTS heavyweight golfer Andrew Coltart was carrying a few pounds of excess luggage when he arrived in Perth for his first tournament of 2000.
They were regularly referred to as "the body bags" and have more than once been the cause of missed flights and excess luggage charges that could cost thousands of dollars over the course of a tour.
Three months later, Mike Gatting was charged excess luggage at Heathrow after marching through the red channel at customs and declaring one antique urn and two one-day trophies.
The news completes a miserable week for the Donegal beauty, who was hit with an excess luggage fee of EUR4,000 on her way to China and then failed to make the final of the first contest on Sunday.
At that time, all the items that we had gathered were allowed to go as free excess luggage by one of the major airlines.
But the fun started before the concert when they got an upgrade to business class - probably because they spent so much on excess luggage.
This is especially prevalent in locations such as New York City, where many of the shoppers in big name specialty stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman, prefer not having to deal with carrying multiple bags or taking back excess luggage.
Yes, I took the money from him to allow him to consign the excess luggage on the flight .
Excess luggage charges now levied by airlines could cost a holidaying family of four nearly GBP500.
By shipping bags in advance, Sports Express allows travelers to avoid the inherent delays and inconveniences of traveling with bulky or excess luggage.
Tot up airport taxes, fuel supplements, excess luggage surcharges and a few other extras Ryanair have thought up.
It has pumped up the charges for excess luggage and now charges EUR7per kilo.
Per the Daily News article, she insisted on four carry-on bags and having a nonticketed person carry this excess luggage on the plane for her, both safety violations.