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She explained that her father had long advocated policies akin to affirmative action as "a way of leveling the playing field" and that Reagan's excerption of the line from "I Have a Dream" to legitimize his civil rights policies was no different than the way that passages from the Bible had been selectively used to justify racist actions in the past.
An excerption from the dissertation "The Greek Novel as Acts and Passions", defended on Nov.
A rigorous sifting of Lexer's Handworterbuch using the criteria of the Findebuch and a conflation of the two, or a systematic excerption of the texts on which the Findebuch is based, would perhaps take us some way towards the new scholarly MHG dictionary which we are all still eagerly awaiting.
Michael Pilkington's version of Galliard is not a "primary source," nor is it an edition; it is an excerption and retranslation, some might say bowdlerization.
The progression of chapters follows this model, starting with the book's conception and compilation of documentary materials (chapter 1), moving next to its physical production and print history (chapter 2), and finally to the woodcut illustrations and paratextual materials that sought to direct the understanding of early modern readers and, no less importantly, the response of readers themselves in annotations, excisions, excerptions, even in the candle wax and nutshells they left within the book's folds.