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Synonyms for except

Synonyms for except

to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

to express opposition, often by argument

Synonyms for except

take exception to


Related Words

prevent from being included or considered or accepted

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Flights CX536 between Hong Kong and Nagoya and CX535 between Nagoya and Hong Kong will remain cancelled until the end of May except for 28 April 2011.
1402(a)(10), if (1) the retired partner renders no service during XYZ's tax year that ends within or with the partner's tax year in which the payment is received, (2) at the close of XYZ's tax year, no obligation exists from the partners to the retired partner, except for retirement payments or rights such as benefits payable on account of sickness, accident, hospitalization, medical expenses or death; and (3) at the close of that tax year, the retired partner's share of XYZ's capital has been paid to him or her in full.
Average asking rents for ground floor space were up in every district from the prior six-month period except for Lower Manhattan which was unchanged.
Perhaps, I could even picture my mother as she was 60 years ago, a child in Georgia cotton fields identical to these of Alabama, except for a small technicality of geography.
Referred to as change cases, these last three loan applications were identical to each other except for the type of audit report included.
So except for spotty successes at a few small- and medium-sized customers, implementation of the increases was stalled.
1 satellite communication Services except for the services of distribution programs in homes using satellites (service satellite communications system, Iridium-4 Terminal).
Form 8872 must be filed monthly, quarterly or semiannually (at the organization's option) by all organizations required to file Form 8871, except for QSLPOs.
It applies to all assets obtained through foreclosure or repossession, except for inventories, marketable equity securities and real estate previously owned by the lender and accounted for under Statement no.
No CalCPA Council members except for officers, past chairs of the CalCPA Board and state committee or section chairs may serve more than six consecutive years without at least a 365 consecutive day break in service.
No asset in any class except for the last may be allocated more than its fair market value (FMV).
The fish and shrimp seem to work out better here than the chicken or beef, except for the chili ($2.
Each horse carries 126 pounds, except for 3-year-olds Reraise and Grand Slam (124) and females A.