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Synonyms for except

Synonyms for except

to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

to express opposition, often by argument

Synonyms for except

take exception to


Related Words

prevent from being included or considered or accepted

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Flights CX536 between Hong Kong and Nagoya and CX535 between Nagoya and Hong Kong will remain cancelled until the end of May except for 28 April 2011.
So except for spotty successes at a few small- and medium-sized customers, implementation of the increases was stalled.
It applies to most assets obtained through foreclosure or repossession and to all enterprises except for those valuing their assets at fair value.
Specifically, and except for those matters that are exclusively reserved to the CalCPA Council as a "Board" within the meaning of Section 5038 of the Code, the CalCPA Board of Directors:
Each horse carries 126 pounds, except for 3-year-olds Desert Prince, Favorite Trick and Second Empire (123).
Quite expectedly, they all turn out to be pretty nasty individuals under pressure - except for the always-nasty Law who, in the film's funniest bit, keeps proving that he's not quite as psychotic as everybody thinks.
28 and March 10, except for selected counties in Nebraska, where the closing date is Feb.
Based on our review of the Nasdaq Capital Market requirements, we are confident that we meet the initial listing criteria, except for the bid price requirement.
All scored highly last year, except for Ghana and Mali, which were in the middle of the pack.
WSI's November forecast suggests warmer-than-normal temperatures in all regions except for the Southwest and Northwest.
Except for branches in the hardest hit areas, AmSouth anticipates reopening virtually all closed branches on Tuesday.
S Central - Warmer than normal, except for western TX/OK/KS