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extremely well

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Our young friend here and you have done most excellently well.
It so happened that both had dined excellently, and were looking on the world with a sort of cosy benevolence.
Next to the commonalty of husbandmen is one of shepherds and herdsmen; for they have many things in common with them, and, by their way of life, are excellently qualified to make good soldiers, stout in body, and able to continue in the open air all night.
what good reason I have not to drink, and how excellently spoke Saint-Benoit: '
It is perfectly clear to me that I did none of them well, though I meant at the time to do none of them other than excellently.
The soldiers wore rock-colored uniforms and were excellently drilled.
Hesho seems excellently disposed towards us, and, after all, I should have thought his word would have had more weight in Tokio than the word of a young man who is new to diplomacy, and whose claims to distinction seem to rest rather upon his soldiering and the fact that he is a cousin of the Emperor.
She had the air of a young woman who knew her own mind excellently well.
Then, wishing to secure a brilliant position in high society, he learnt to dance excellently and very soon was invited to all the balls in the best circles, and to some of their evening gatherings.
He stood up on the reeling deck, feeling excellently satisfied with the delicious, wild-doggy smell of hair in his mouth and consciousness, and in his ears and consciousness the praising cry of Captain Van Horn: "Good boy, Jerry
Coffee, without cream or milk, he had twice a day, in the evening substituting tea; but both coffee and tea were excellently cooked.
Alec's three great remedies, and they seemed to suit her excellently.
The little hall was crowded; all the performers did excellently well, but Anne was the bright particular star of the occasion, as even envy, in the shape of Josie Pye, dared not deny.
Felix got through his without "getting stuck," and Peter did excellently, though he stuffed his hands in his trousers pockets--a habit of which Mr.
This subject has lately been treated excellently by Mr.