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  • verb

Synonyms for exceed


go over the limit of


  • go over the limit of
  • go beyond
  • overstep
  • go beyond the bounds of

Synonyms for exceed

Synonyms for exceed

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In fact, their recommendations ignored trading costs, which often exceeded the anticipated benefits.
According to Alexandra Teitz, minority counsel for the House Committee on Government Reform, 73% of one set of water samples from Washington homes exceeded the action level, with numerous samples exceeding 100 ppb and some exceeding 300 ppb.
As many as 76pc of articulated lorries exceeded 40mph limits on major, non-urban single carriageway roads, statistics for British roads in 2001 revealed.
On the date of his expatriation, his net worth exceeded the applicable amount set forth in Sec.
To determine the extent of drinking water contamination, the researchers collected nearly 11,000 water samples over a four-year period from districts in Bangladesh and discovered that 59% of those samples exceeded 50 [micro]g/L.
4 million in earnings exceeded the company's planned profit projections by $2 million and exceeded actual 1990 fourth quarter earnings by $7 million.
Owing to the way homes were randomly sampled in six of the states, data from them can be extrapolated as representative of each as a whole; EPA therefore concludes that its action level was exceeded in 6 percent of Alabama's homes, 17 percent of Kentucky's, 9 percent of Michigan's, 16 percent of Tennessee's, 27 percent of Wisconsin's and 26 percent of Wyoming's.
Southern California had experienced 63 days of unhealthy air quality, when ozone levels exceeded the federal one-hour ozone standard of 0.
The stipulated facts show that the partnerships' purchase price exceeded the FMV by 71.
08 million outstanding in aggregate) are being downgraded due to monthly losses which have generally exceeded excess spread and caused deterioration in the overcollateralization (OC) amount.
The tests found 35 percent of the wells exceeded the state's goal for chromium 6.
The Tax Court had disallowed the losses, ruling that the Razavis' personal use had exceeded the limits of Sec.
If the tolerance is exceeded at an individual operating company or in aggregate, A.
By other benchmarks, the 2000 smog year scored mixed results: Ozone pollution exceeded the state standard 35 times, the most since 1996, but only on two days topped the more important federal standard.