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(geology) the probability that an earthquake will generate a level of ground motion that exceeds a specified reference level during a given exposure time

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Goal exceedance refers "to the extent to which the LSP significantly exceeds the expectations and performance goals set by the customer prior to commencing the outsourcing arrangement.
non-degenerate), then the exceedances over a large enough threshold u, conditioned on exceedance of this level, are distributed as a Generalized Pareto (GP) distribution (Coles, 2001; Pickands, 1975).
Our analysis of 10 years of data shows there was no change in the trend of water quality exceedances for the region," Gast said.
The resultant hourly operative temperature data then were analyzed for the south-facing Bedroom 3 and the south-facing Living Room using the two proposed measurements to quantify the duration of overheating exposure: consecutive hours of exceedance (CHE) and cumulative degree exceedance of continuous exposure (CDECE).
8) [micro]g/L Item Groundwater Exceedance Tested Enforcement Rate (%) Standard (b) Coliform bacteria 0 CFU 17.
are partially close to the limit under our upper bound estimate and, therefore, local-scale exceedance is likely given the strong spatial variability of [Caesium-137] deposition.
It features engine trending, airframe and engine exceedance reporting, and round-the-clock connectivity between aircraft and operations using the Iridium satellite communications system.
The present study introduces the concept of exceedance probability analysis based on an air change rate (ACR) index for natural ventilation potential analysis in areaway-attached basements.
The same sample of 70 winds speeds recorded in 33 storms was used to calculate annual frequencies of a nonstrict exceedance of given wind speed values (Fig.
The flyer lists the following products and services-risk assessment (qualitative, quantitative, special studies and simulations); pipeline integrity (IMP development, HCA analysis for liquids and gas, determination of reassessment intervals, probability of exceedance analysis); engineer software (RiskAnalyst, DataView, Query, ILIAnalyst and Chainage Alignment Tool); data management (data conversion and integration, data updating and quality control, satellite imagery acquisition).
The crew member then can look at the data and determine if an actual malfunction occurred or if the exceedance was noted during a normal sequence of aircraft events.
USGS web site lists 6 different hazard levels: ground motion with a 1 % probability of exceedance in 50-yr period (4975-yr return period), 2 % probability of exceedance in 50-yr period (2475-yr return period), 5 % probability of exceedance in 50-yr period (975-yr return period), 10 % probability of exceedance in 50-yr period (475-yr return period), 20 % probability of exceedance in 50-yr period (224-yr return period), and 50 % probability of exceedance in 75-yr period (108-yr return period).
An additional advantage of the threshold method over the method of annual maxima is that, since each exceedance is associated with a specific event, it is possible to let the scale and shape parameters depend on covariates.
Ozone has declined substantially in southern California since then, and the highozone communities now average 80 percent fewer one-hour ozone exceedance days per year -- ozone levels more typical of several other communities in the Children's Health Study for which there was no association between ozone and asthma incidence in very active children.
Ozone levels fell from the previous week's exceedance, although it remained close to the standard.