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  • verb

Synonyms for excavate

Synonyms for excavate

to break, turn over, or remove (earth or sand, for example) with or as if with a tool

to make by digging

Synonyms for excavate

recover through digging

find by digging in the ground

form by hollowing

remove the inner part or the core of

References in classic literature ?
Into this torrential sewer had unthinkable generations of ulsios pushed their few handsful of dirt in the excavating of their vast labyrinth.
From the experiment of the ridge of vermilion wax, we can clearly see that if the bees were to build for themselves a thin wall of wax, they could make their cells of the proper shape, by standing at the proper distance from each other, by excavating at the same rate, and by endeavouring to make equal spherical hollows, but never allowing the spheres to break into each other.
In fact, Independence Excavating remains one of the few Ohio construction firms of its size that is approved by the State of Ohio to self-insure workers' compensation.
Tenders are invited for Excavating trenching, PLB pipe laying, O.
com)-- Bencardino Excavating is working with McDonald Building Co.
The department is excavating the site of 'Khukhragarh', which is about 50 kilometres from Ranchi.
Mastenbroek trenchers are joined by the HRT (Hard Rock Trencher) range, capable of excavating trenches up to 17 feet in depth and 6.
A military POW-MIA investigation team spent a month excavating among the sagebrush and creosote bushes about 1 1/2 mile west of Mojave, where the shallow craters and bits of broken airplane parts left by the four-engine B-24 bomber's impact were disguised by regrown vegetation and years of trash dumping.
Since 2004, Ironhustler Excavating has been positioning itself as a specialist for on-site recycling and has been an authorized dealer for Rubble Master Compact Recyclers.
However, further research determined that the plan to renovate and expand the Church's existing facilities was the most cost effective option available to the Church despite the inherent technical complexities associated with excavating underneath the Sanctuary.
Archaeologist Patrick Ryan Williams and his team from the Field Museum in Chicago are excavating Cerro Baul, a 1,400-year-old city occupied by the Waft Empire before the time of the Inca.
Contractors were excavating the space for the hoists at the 4,600-foot level last month.
The three companies that construct The David Gilbert Group are Gilbert Home Improvement, Gilbert Compact Excavating and Reflections of Nature.
com)-- Louis Bencardino and members of the Bencardino Excavating safety committee have recently been trained on a new system for standardizing the classification of chemicals.
13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- K&E Excavating, an award-winning construction company working in Oregon, Washington and California, announces the newest member of their executive management team.