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  • verb

Synonyms for excavate

Synonyms for excavate

to break, turn over, or remove (earth or sand, for example) with or as if with a tool

to make by digging

Synonyms for excavate

recover through digging

find by digging in the ground

form by hollowing

remove the inner part or the core of

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If the operator has little or no confidence in the sizing accuracy of the ILI tool, as may have been the case with older technology, then the operator might want to systematically excavate all indications after every ILI run.
If the operator were to excavate and examine each of these anomalies, it would expect that 80 anomalies would have a true depth between 25% NWT and 45% NWT.
The result is that with less accurate data the operator tends to excavate more anomalies to account for ILI uncertainty.
With a tool accuracy of [+ or -] 10% NWT 65% of the time, the operator would need to excavate all anomalies with a reported depth deeper than 55% NWT.
On one hand, highly accurate ILI data allows the operator to excavate fewer anomalies because of the confidence in the assessed severity.