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Synonyms for excavate

Synonyms for excavate

to break, turn over, or remove (earth or sand, for example) with or as if with a tool

to make by digging

Synonyms for excavate

recover through digging

find by digging in the ground

form by hollowing

remove the inner part or the core of

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The new proposal is to excavate downstream from Rocky Point.
The National Museum said he did not have any permits to explore or excavate,'' Jimeno said.
Archaeologists plan to excavate those areas in future digs, Aitken said in May at the American Geophysical Union meeting in New Orleans.
Goshow Architects developed the concept to excavate under the Sanctuary in 1989.
It wants the Culture Ministry to excavate the historical site so it can fast-track approval on several projects, including building new homes, places of worship and key infrastructure facilities.
He added that one of the things they're trying to figure out is how deep did the impact really excavate adding that if it melted and excavated any material from the mantle, why aren't they seeing it?
Both excavations managed to excavate only about one tenth of the mound.
Scientists at the University of Bristol have been planning to excavate the sample and reveal the prehistoric bones inside.
Dredging to excavate the trench for the river section of the new vehicle tunnel is due to start early next month.
If the operator has little or no confidence in the sizing accuracy of the ILI tool, as may have been the case with older technology, then the operator might want to systematically excavate all indications after every ILI run.
We want to make sure we excavate the majority of it carefully before people come to know where it is.
A San Fernando Valley contractor has shaken Sun Valley for 13 months with what city officials say is an illegal mining operation used to excavate, crush, sort and sell rock.
He was there to help him decide whether to re-route the road or fully excavate the ancient site in Waterford and then sit the bypass on top of it.
The Rockefeller town houses were gone, and the little I had been able to excavate was very degraded.
The mountain was deemed too dangerous to excavate in 1996 when an investigation team located the crash site, but with help from Army mountaineers it was decided that it could be done.