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Synonyms for exasperating



Synonyms for exasperating

extremely annoying or displeasing

making worse

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I can understand other managers saying he is exasperating and remember I had to work with him for some time, but now he gets me in little doses and I get him in little doses and it might work out well.
But it is totally exasperating and somebody needs to get hold of him.
To chart the often exasperating course of democracy in America, West limns the work.
Other than these kinds of exasperating matters, I do enjoy reading [University Business] on a regular basis.
The result is a book sometimes exasperating, often stimulating, and almost never dull.
Cornford & Cross are expert at composing critically fluent mission statements; arguably, their core activity is not making objects or negotiating opportunities but skillfully generating and controlling discourse about their projects (via written statements, catalogue essays, discussions, and so on)--winning consensus that a work genuinely "deals with" (in that exasperating phrase) its stated agendas.
Stefan Muthesius has written one of the most exasperating books ever, and yet it taught me a lot about a subject I thought I knew well.
It's time to see work--even the difficult, exasperating, nitty-gritty moments of work--not as something we need to be saved from, but as the very place where our true calling awaits.
Think of your church as a teen-ager, a difficult issue; frequently exasperating, often mischievous, often disapproved of, but loved.
Of course, the news is exasperating but as it is a new system we expected it would need some minor modifications.
Stanley Donen must have found it an exasperating irony that the publication of Stephen Silverman's biography, Dancing on the Ceiling: Stanley Donen and his Movies (Knopf, $35), was initially upstaged by the death of Gene Kelly, his colleague and collaborator at MGM.
The more carefully planned and executed an abatement project is, the more cost-effective and less exasperating that project will be for the owner, the consultant contends.
While this is one of the few statements upon which everyone in the field agrees, the subsequent failure of many texts to address this complexity adequately is exasperating to scholars and practitioners alike.
What is most exasperating about these letters is that both hawks and doves fail to take on the really challending arguments confronting them.
With this trend taking hold, an increasing percentage of the simulation time is being consumed by testbench and less in design, even further exasperating the testbench performance bottleneck.