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eruption on the skin occurring as a symptom of a disease

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Although activities focused initially on hepatitis and febrile exanthems, the project is sufficiently flexible to incorporate other syndromes and diseases, including West Nile virus and infectious agents that could be used in bioterrorism events.
5), (7) As the name implies, the rash resembles a viral exanthem and this, as well as other inflammatory conditions with a similar presentation, should be excluded.
Reeves, chief of the Viral Exanthems and Herpesvirus Branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and head of its chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) public health research program, said that agencies like the CDC are carrying out many of the recommendations "without top-down [orders].
Atypical varicella exanthems have been associated with childhood cutaneous injuries such as antecedent wasp stings,[29] and classic dermatomal zoster has been reported in adults after spinal surgery[30] and even after trivial external musculoskeletal trauma.
1] It's caused by the parvovirus B19 pathogen and is the fifth disease in the group of six childhood exanthems.
4% of eases of RMSF occur in the household of another case-patient with the disease (15), a situation that often lends further diagnostic confusion for this illness that can mimic other febrile exanthems, such as dengue, as well as gastrointestinal infection, other abdominal conditions, pneumonia, and meningoencephalitis (19-22).