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Synonyms for exanthema

eruption on the skin occurring as a symptom of a disease

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8) described the first case of neonatal TSS-like exanthematous disease due to a MRSA strain containing the TSST-1 gene in Europe.
Despite veterinary surveillance efforts of border control organizations, VACV control may be hampered by the circulation of infected rural workers and the misdiagnosis of VACV infection; misdiagnoses occur because VACV lesions resemble those of other exanthematous diseases.
Exanthematous diseases and the first epidemic of dengue to occur in Manaus, Amazonas, State, Brazil, during 1998-1999 [in Portuguese].
Because cases of rickettsialpox may be confused with chickenpox or other viral exanthematous diseases, misdiagnosis may occur when sporadic cases occur in areas where the disease is unknown to local practitioners.