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Synonyms for exanthema

eruption on the skin occurring as a symptom of a disease

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Nested-multiplex PCR detection of Orthopoxvirus and Parapoxvirus directly from exanthematic clinical samples.
To the Editor: Several exanthematic vaccinia virus (VACV) outbreaks have affected dairy cattle and rural workers in Brazil and Asia, and have caused economic losses and affected health services (1-3).
In 2009 and 2010, exanthematic outbreaks were reported in rural areas of Itatinga (23[degrees]6'7"S, 48[degrees]36'57"W) and Torre de Pedra (23[degrees]14'38"S, 48[degrees]11 '42"W) counties, respectively.
Many other febrile exanthematic diseases caused by pathogens other than measles virus, such as enterovirus, rubella virus, parvovirus B19, human herpesvirus-6, or Kawasaki syndrome, could have symptoms similar to measles and be misdiagnosed (6-8).
In Brazil, several exanthematic vaccinia virus (VACV) outbreaks affecting dairy cattle and rural workers have been reported since 1999 (1,2).