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Synonyms for exanthema

eruption on the skin occurring as a symptom of a disease

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Assessing the variability of Brazilian vaccinia virus isolates from a horse exanthematic lesion: coinfection with distinct viruses.
Although vesicular and exanthematic outbreaks occur frequently in dairy cattle in Brazil, VACV infection is rare in horses (KAMINJOLO Jr.
Protective value of convalescent sera of Sao Paulo exanthematic typhus against the virus of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
Four clinical patterns of pustular psoriasis have been described in children: generalized pustular psoriasis, annular pustular psoriasis, exanthematic pustular psoriasis, and localized pustular psoriasis.
played a role and used biologic and bacteriologic warfare, arms which were forbidden by the international community, being directly responsible for the ravage of the exanthematic typhus suffered by the civilian population and the enemy fighters
The DENV-1 virus was isolated from patients presenting with exanthematic disease during an explosive epidemic in the municipality of Nova Iguacu (4).
Measles epidemiology in Mexico was monitored through the Single Epidemiological Surveillance System (SUIVE) until 1993, when the Febrile Exanthematic Disease Surveillance System (FEDSS) was established to incorporate laboratory information to distinguish among viral causes of rash illnesses.
Even so, there are mosquitoes (not vectors of any specific disease), and other arthropod vectors (lice, ticks, and fleas) that may transmit exanthematic (referring to a measles-like skin eruption) typhus and bubonic plague.