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Synonyms for examine

Synonyms for examine

to study closely or systematically

to subject to a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

to subject to a test of knowledge or skill

to put a question to (someone)

Synonyms for examine

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In Andrews's discussion about musicians' injuries, she explains common injuries among particular instrumentalists and examines musicians and their instruments, environments and selves.
To accomplish this, the CNO pointed to a desire to examine the value of a competency-based organization for both the uniformed and civilian workforce.
Beginning in the 1990s, however, a few non-Primitive Baptists began to examine the movement through dissertation research.
Chapters two through five examine various aspects of the Rondonia network in Brazil: the history of the network; its successes and failures; and the consequences transnational organizations have on local politics.
3) was designed for further study to examine how metal flow characteristics affect the inoculant-filter assembly.
Prendergast examines the rise of critical race theory as a direct response to a failed civil rights strategy in America's courts and schools.
In an essay that is both historically rich and sensitive to verbal nuances, Joad Raymond examines the "word-play around king as a name and a thing" (94) during the Republic as well as the Protectorate when that word-play--and the anxieties it expressed for Milton and his contemporaries--shifted onto the quasi-regal Cromwell himself.
Nelson, Professor of Theology at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, have coedited this collection of nine theological papers that examine the doctrine of sin from different perspectives of those who have been sinned against.
In addressing issues related to occupational burnout, Malach-Pines and Yafe-Yanai recommended the psychoanalytic-existential approach, which examines the influences on current career choices and the need to find lives that are meaningful.
Phase 5 examines policies that can serve to reinforce the desired behavior change (Green & Kreuter, 1999).
A report from the city planner's office examines various issues the city believes the district failed to adequately address in its draft environmental impact report for the project released in October.
03(1)(b), which both state that if the IRS does not require amended returns to be filed in connection with the closing agreement and the taxpayer does not file amended returns, the IRS "will make the adjustments necessary to reflect the change for the affected taxable years when it examines those returns.
The TCMP selects random returns and subjects them to a thorough audit that examines every aspect of the return.
The second article examines the content validity of the first revised version of the AOF by using occupational therapists considered experts in using the model of human occupation.
This chapter also examines how the latest manufacturing processes and materials will factor in to the emergence of the next wave of networking products.