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Synonyms for examine

Synonyms for examine

to study closely or systematically

to subject to a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

to subject to a test of knowledge or skill

to put a question to (someone)

Synonyms for examine

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We had to ensure that all mark sheets were in since most of the examiners had been released, leaving assistant chief examiners and chief examiners to complete the work," an assistant chief examiner said.
When the marking's done, a group of senior examiners for each subject, the awarding committee, meet to decide on the minimum marks needed for each grade - these are called grade boundaries.
The papers, so set would be submitted to the Principal Examiner for scrutiny and approval.
The USPTO envisions this program solely as an opportunity to provide examiners with necessary training from scientists and experts working directly in the various technology centers throughout the USPTO.
After five years, we do have a pretty stable workforce, but in that five years, we've hired hundreds of examiners, and after a few levels of training .
Examiners reported 29 cases in which they were accused of racism or bullied.
They were not at all happy the way they were examined, the arrangements made for the exam, one of the examiners was constantly shouting, they said and it was not an ideal atmosphere for the examination.
A heavy reliance in Australia and elsewhere is placed on the collective experience of examiners and knowledge of 'peer review' (Hoddell et al.
Grade Seven Piano: Kent McWilliams and James Lawless, examiners
Upon completion of the course (and after a preceptorship), the examiner will be able to assess, document, examine, photograph and properly collect evidence from the patient.
On May 9, 2005, the Service issued a coordinated issue paper (CIP), "Notice 2002-65" Tax Shelter, intended to assist its examiners in implementing Notice 2002-65, which addressed transactions in which taxpayers claim immediate losses while deferring offsetting gains from an S corporation investment.
The federal banking regulatory agencies issued proposed rules on August 4, 2005, to implement a special post-employment restriction on certain senior examiners employed by an agency or Federal Reserve Bank, as required by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004.
As he points out, had examiners simply Goggled "graphical traceroute," they would have found, under the first entry, an excellent example of the technology, along with a link to an explanatory paper, published by a different team of technologists in November 1999--more than two years before the patent application was filed.
The American Association of Dental Examiners has recently published the sixteenth edition of Composite, a handbook detailing the structure, licensing and disciplinary activities of all state dental boards.
In fiscal years 2003 and 2004 the Arizona State Board of Examiners of Nursing Care Institution Administrators (NCIA) and Assisted Living Facility Managers dismissed 53 of 61 cases received during fiscal years 1999 to 2002, according to the Arizona Office of the Auditor General in Phoenix.