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Synonyms for examiner

Synonyms for examiner

someone who administers a test to determine your qualifications

an investigator who observes carefully

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Clendaniel explained that sometimes the credit union's leaders follow the advice of one examiner and the next year a different examiner makes different recommendations.
The Washington Examiner attracts millions of readers across America, and internationally, and we have exciting plans to add rapidly to this readership and to the gravitas and insight that we bring them.
Examiners recorded 215 verbal attacks from learners last year, 10 acts of aggression and eight physical attacks, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).
Grade Six Voice: Tina Torlone and Joanne Mercier, examiners
Cases have just gotten bigger," says Ron Stern, a veteran examiner and the head of the patent examiner's union.
Once the fraud examiner has solved the case, he or she should prepare the final written report.
In defense of the technology, ATF firearms examiner Martin G.
The MOU also contains a recommendation that the examiner and the taxpayer discuss all IDRs and the notice of proposed adjustment before their issuance.
After retrospective surveillance was completed, we also initiated prospective surveillance of medical examiner and postal worker absentee records.
The examiner assesses, documents, and collects forensic evidence and reports obvious pathology or suspicious findings to the victim with a suggestion for follow-up care and referral.
That uneasy alliance may well be personified today in Ted Fang, the 37-year-old publisher of the 114-year-old San Francisco Examiner, once the flagship newspaper of the Hearst family dynasty.
The medical examiner typically serves as an impartial, neutral conveyor of information in this process.
Psychological assessment is distinguished from psychological testing in that psychological assessment requires the examiner to take into consideration the unique characteristics and the relevant context of the client who is being assessed while psychological testing may involve a psychometrist administering a standard test battery with little consideration of the unique needs and abilities of the client.
com continues to revolutionize the way people consume content," said Rick Blair CEO of Examiner.
With a completely redesigned front end built using HTML5, hardware-accelerated animations and a responsive interface, Examiner.