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Synonyms for examine

Synonyms for examine

to study closely or systematically

to subject to a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

to subject to a test of knowledge or skill

to put a question to (someone)

Synonyms for examine

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When scores on standardized multiple-choice computer-based and paper-based tests are compared, the differences in test performance at a population level tend to be small, but examinees perform slightly better on the paper-based versions of the tests (Mazzeo & Harvey, 1988; Mead & Drasgow, 1993).
This individual-level data similarly showed that the fewer the examinees at a specific session, the higher the average results.
The examinees gave colours the following marks: 32% of the examinees said the colour was very good as the identification parameter, 18% of them thought it was excellent, 27% opted for good and 23% thought that the colour is a bad identifier (marks sufficient or insufficient).
Linked items are items in which the examinee uses his/her answer from one item to compute an answer for a second item, typically using the numerical response format.
The test material is run in a voice-over translation accompanying the text written in the language of the examinee.
With the introduction of this step, all permits issued to applicants who were previously entitled to translate the test material have been terminated; which is an important procedure towards ensuring transparency and neutrality of the test in respect of all examinees.
Au cours de cette audience, [beaucoup moins que] l'evolution des relations bilaterales et la cooperation entre les deux pays ont ete examinees [beaucoup plus grand que], precise le communique.
Some 1, 983 examinees will take the Board Licensure Examination for Criminologists to be conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on October 17 to 19 in various test centers here.
The lists cover examinees for architects, 46; civil engineers, 40; certified public accountants, 8; dentists, 3; electronics engineers, 11; electronics technicians (ECT), 7; professional teachers, 18; mechanical engineers, 18; master plumbers, 33; nurses, 127; radiologic technicians, 10; X-ray technicians, 3; and respiratory technicians, 22.
It would also enable examinees to figure out the reasons for failing to pass driving tests.
the examinees were not offered a choice of responses.
After matching the leaked paper with ones distributed to the aspirants on Sunday, the examination was cancelled, much to the chagrin of examinees.
His order for ensuring cheating-free matriculation examination had its impact today with the police apprehending 213 students and 712 parents, relatives, friends of examinees from different parts of the state, Additional Director General of Police Gupteshwar Pandey told PTI.
Of the exams reviewed by inspectors after the changes were applied, 78,108 out of 203,617 examinees failed.
66% of examinees have failed the Complex Testing of Entrants (CTE) held in Kazakhstan from July 19-22, Tengrinews reports citing Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Tarik Balykbayev.