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someone who is tested (as by an intelligence test or an academic examination)

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The service, which enables examinees to select the option of running the text in their mother tongues, is part of RTA's continuous endeavour to realise its third strategic goal of making people happier.
The index of overall RTE for examinee j to the test is given by
There was statistically significant difference between the genders of examinees (Table 1).
However, the study focused on examiner familiarity with the examinee and only investigated experience tangentially.
If N test items are given to the examinee, the total test result S would be the number of correctly responded items.
Asked how he had come across this information, the examinee stated, within earshot of the other candidates, he had been told by the woman a few minutes before entering the exam room.
The choices of examinees in the next three years will likely determine the future of the AG/BIO engineering profession as a unique discipline.
Difference from the operational version of the diagnostic tasks showed by the examinee that in the working version each task comes to the end with the diagnosis established with algorithm.
Consequently, software "ErSABA" was applied, which uses the input data such as body height, weight and gender, as well as the necessary work precision and working postures to determine twenty-two characteristic anthropometric values for the seating and standing working postures of male and female examinees (Tomic et al.
That this happens in no way invalidates the ability of the examinees but does question the motivation of the Government.
We were given copies of each exam and records of responses to each item (correct or incorrect) by each examinee (examinees were anonymous) for each year.
An eligible examinee must be a general associate member in good standing who has met the MAI college degree requirement and has passed all MAI educational requirements.
Question Two was a typical multiple choice question which asked the examinee to fill in the missing word in the following sentence: 'I live the river.
In the article Low Examinee Effort in Low-Stakes Assessment: Problems and Potential Solutions, authors Wise and DeMars surmise that: "Although [assessment tests] provide useful data for institutions, [they] carry little or no meaning for the students themselves" (1).
SAN DIEGO -- Relying on examinee self-report during forensic assessment is ill-advised, Jerry J.