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a written examination

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Electronic correction system for grade 12 examination papers (2013/2014) at OMR441,699 among other projects.
Dishonesty, both in relation to altering the examination papers and in relation to the subsequent investigation.
The Education Ministry on Tuesday formed a committee to investigate the leak of high school examination papers on the topics of algebra, geometry, and geography.
Our Welsh children, through no fault of their making, failed dismally with recent English examination papers.
The GCSEs should also have tiered examination papers.
Such examination papers will then be sent off, and eventually make their way to the desk of a bored, over-worked and probably over-caffeinated examiner; whom, after a few hours, is most likely questioning their decision to agree to mark papers for some extra money.
Prizes were presented to West Yorkshire's top-scoring accountancy students for their results in the ICAEW chartered accountancy advanced examination papers.
This comes in the wake of reports that some teachers had photographed the "silly" mistakes of their elementary pupils from their science examination papers and then posted these as jokes on the Internet, according to a local newspaper.
All the examination papers will be received from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
The students and two brokers were caught red handed by the Task Force of Hyderabad police when they were re-writing the answer sheets after stealing the bundles of examination papers from the custody of the JNTU authorities.
Although the company managed to get the questions right, today it was confirmed one of the examination papers was marked incorrectly.
A survey of examination papers, or rather their mark schemes, over time offers an intriguing representation of the gradual evolution of our living language.
The school, in Saltersgill Avenue, identified the error had occurred while packing the examination papers.
COMPLETED maths examination papers for hundreds of GCSE students were sent to the home of a dentist by mistake.
Eleanor Myerscough - who will be taking up a place at Selwyn College, Cambridge, to read veterinary science - achieved four A* grades and 100% in all of her written examination papers.
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