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Yes, young Daulat Ras, an Indian student, who lives on the same stair, came in to ask me some particulars about the examination.
We stood at the entrance while Holmes made an examination of the carpet.
You know far more than any of the students entering high school, and yet you can't pass the examinations.
Another inquest was held: another post-mortem examination failed to reveal a probable cause of death.
There the examination of the nurse, Christina Ormsay, came to an end.
Having directed his examination to the attainment of this object, the Lord Advocate had done with the witness.
I know that at the time I was confident, I had discovered the formula for squaring the circle; but I resolutely deferred the working of it out until after the examinations.
The geometry examination and all the others were over in due time and Anne arrived home on Friday evening, rather tired but with an air of chastened triumph about her.
It's more than five weeks yet to the holidays, and all the fifth-form examination and half the cricket-matches to come yet.
When Monsieur Darzac had finished, I said: "The examination has not advanced the problem much.
On examination of the room (which is only seven feet high), a trap-door in the ceiling, leading out on to the roof of the house, was discovered open.
To my own relief, my examination was not a long one.
If I were to plead anything in mitigation of the preposterous fancy that a bad design will sometimes claim to be a good and an expressly religious design, it would be the curious coincidence that it has been brought to its climax in these pages, in the days of the public examination of late Directors of a Royal British Bank.
You know Harold came here six weeks ago, to get up his French for those dreadful examinations that he has to pass so soon.
Those who pass the examinations, I suppose," replied Kochubey, crossing his legs and glancing round.