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a written examination

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Those who prepared the exam paper basically shot students, by taking 30 to 40 minutes from their valuable time, because it was badly written and very difficult to comprehend," parent and Modern Greek teacher Dimitris Kyriakou told CyBC.
Leaking of exam papers is a problem that threatens our students' futures.
They come on top of a series of mortifying blunders including four pages being missing from the Leaving Cert accountancy exam paper three years ago and incorrect figures given on a question in the Junior Cert higher-level paper.
In November, an investigation was launched after pupils' exam papers were posted to a couple's home in Chapelhall, Lanarkshire, instead of to an external assessor.
EXAM papers were stolen from the same college twice in three days, it emerged yesterday.
The other well established route to the markers is through teachers who can comment on exam papers if they feel there is something that is an overarching injustice rather than just that a candidate didn't revise.
Luthra said the gang used high- end mobile phones to scan exam papers and send them to an e- mail ID monitored by people outside the examination hall.
Radio tagging: containers of exam papers are fitted with radio frequency identification tags which can be scanned to make sure the bags have not been tampered with.
The system then flags up any suspect marks and the exam paper can then be accessed instantly and checked manually by the senior examining team for evidence of malpractice.
His piece on an English language exam paper, where he forgot to turn to the last page, amused me so much that I chose it for a news sheet for Merseyside's blind.
Relevant tax rules will be published on the Fl study resources page of CIMA's website at least six weeks before the exam, and reproduced in the exam paper.
One student wrote: "I really don't see the point in them making a textbook, everyone learning from it for six months, and then presenting an exam paper with most questions completely unrelated to any of it
For Elizabeth to achieve the highest mark in the country for this demanding exam paper is testament to her hard work and dedication.
Even if you went into the exam hall, drew a funny face on the exam paper and told the examiner to get a life you'd probably get an F grade - for making some kind of effort.
After drying the strip it can be glued to the exam paper where the invigilator will not notice it while the student is coping from it or the pupil can wrap the strip around a pencil or pen.