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  • verb

Synonyms for exalt

Synonyms for exalt

to raise to a high position or status

to cause to be eminent or recognized

to honor (a deity) in religious worship

Synonyms for exalt

praise, glorify, or honor

raise in rank, character, or status

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Exalt offers microwave backhaul systems for last mile, middle mile, and core network applications.
Don't expect to see a production EXALT at a Peugeot dealer anytime soon.
Below are some of the miracles of the Prophets, may Allh exalt their mention: The miracle of Prophet Slih, may Allh exalt his mention: Allh, The Almighty, sent the Prophet Slih, may Allh exalt his mention, to his people to call them to worship Allh, The Almighty, alone, and not to associate any partners with Him.
These new products augment our extensive product line at both entry-level and carrier-class ends of the market, reinforcing our strategy of creating a one-stop shop for wireless backhaul," said Greg Gum, Exalt senior vice president of marketing and business development.
8220;Our system, which features technology from eXalt, helps VARs prepare a multi-vendor solutions quote in a fraction of the time it used to take in the past.
The Exalt backhaul network supports voice, mobile data, Wi-Fi hotspot services, and the center's new P25 land mobile radio (LMR) system from Raytheon.
Exalt Communications has been building the platform that will deliver the broadest portfolio of carrier class products in the wireless backhaul space," said Amir Zoufonoun, CEO and founder of Exalt.
In fact, Prax, who has been in his current position with LEACO since last fall, estimates that between LEACO and his previous position with one of North America's largest railroad operators, he has deployed over 1,000 Exalt systems.
With a team of wireless experts who have contributed to the evolution of wireless backhaul solutions spanning over the past three decades, we recognized the pressing need for a new approach that addresses the issues resulting from the current migration to IP-based networks," said Amir Zoufounoun, CEO and founder of Exalt and former co-founder and president of Western Multiplex.
Our site, powered by eXalt, helps VARs prepare a multi-vendor solutions quote in a fraction of the time it used to take in the past.
investment, UBM will acquire newly issued shares of eXalt representing a 25%
We plan to ensure that your Congress week is one of the most spiritual, productive, and meaningful weeks you have ever had as we exalt the Savior, equip the saints, and evangelize the lost to the Glory of God.
It is a pagan idea to exalt disembodied love or to make sexual love the whole story.
Its philosophers exalt the game's capacity for manufacturing discipline, character, leadership, and holiness.
We also know that WX - like New York City itself - is different from any other women's trade organization around the country, and we need to celebrate and exalt that difference.