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Synonyms for exaggeration

Synonyms for exaggeration

the act or an instance of exaggerating

Synonyms for exaggeration

extravagant exaggeration

the act of making something more noticeable than usual

Related Words

making to seem more important than it really is

References in classic literature ?
To Mimi, born and bred in Siam, the sound was strangely like an exaggeration of the sound produced by a snake-charmer.
Apart from exaggeration, he is certainly a well-grown specimen," said the Professor, complacently.
Well, perhaps it is an exaggeration to say I am the fool of the family.
When I came to examine the treaty I saw at once that it was of such importance that my uncle had been guilty of no exaggeration in what he had said.
There was no exaggeration in Marian's definition of Flintcomb-Ash farm as a starve-acre place.
Dear little souls, they hate flattery, so they tell you; and when you say, "Ah, darling, it isn't flattery in your case, it's plain, sober truth; you really are, without exaggeration, the most beautiful, the most good, the most charming, the most divine, the most perfect human creature that ever trod this earth," they will smile a quiet, approving smile, and, leaning against your manly shoulder, murmur that you are a dear good fellow after all.
His first thought was of some dark menace from abroad; then he reflected that he did not know her epistolary style, and that it might run to picturesque exaggeration.
Then she had a little weakness for exaggeration, for unconscious egotism in conversation, and I itched to tell her so.
We got them in the American editions in payment for printing the publisher's prospectus, and their arrival was an excitement, a joy, and a satisfaction with me, which I could not now describe without having to accuse myself of exaggeration.
For the rest, he looked upon the story of the Countess and her superstitions as a piece of theatrical exaggeration, amusing enough in itself, but unworthy of a moment's serious attention.
Am I using the language of exaggeration when I write of my hostess in these terms?
Joe put a cap on her head and turned up the collar, which was generous to exaggeration, meeting the cap and completely hiding her hair.
When we drew up at the door in Vivian Place, it is no exaggeration to say that I had but one anxiety--anxiety to find the Major at home.
Like 'Sartor Resartus' it has much subjective coloring, which here results in exaggeration of characters and situations, and much fantasy and grotesqueness of expression; but as a dramatic and pictorial vilification of a great historic movement it was and remains unique, and on the whole no history is more brilliantly enlightening and profoundly instructive.
The moderation with which old age is pictured by Cephalus as a very tolerable portion of existence is characteristic, not only of him, but of Greek feeling generally, and contrasts with the exaggeration of Cicero in the De Senectute.