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in an exaggerated manner

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I exaggeratedly spread my elbows to hold them off and push them back, and Julie crossed the invisible line first.
About Robin Hyde, he is gloating and salacious--derisive, in an exaggeratedly sexualised ('straight') manner.
It comes after Haddin exaggeratedly blasted the explosive Jamaican for being all talk while failing to deliver on his hype and pay cheque at the Thunder, the paper said.
According to Muxfeldt, Solie "paints an exaggeratedly insular domestic scene that sets aside the growing importance of the professional singer" (p.
Pradeep Gyawali, a senior leader of the opposition Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist), said Bhattarai is attempting to cling to power by projecting an exaggeratedly scary scenario of a cash-strapped government and thus forcing the president to approve a budget.
I'd like to see an extra fine imposed on those who deliver their hopelessly inaccurate predictions in an exaggeratedly camp manner, like a judge on Strictly.
And Skenes experiments with what fire can do; he sears scallops directly on clean embers, or buries a vessel in ash to cook at an exaggeratedly slow pace, adding just a kiss of smokiness.
Handling is far more forgiving than with previous instalments as Codemasters' knack for crafting tight tracks is paired with an exaggeratedly dangerous take on rallying.
To register their displeasure, the band took this to the extreme by exaggeratedly pretending to play their instruments, with Kurt Cobian's fingers barely even touching his guitar.
Kael's style was often unforgiving and harsh, perhaps exaggeratedly so--in the '60s, she criticized almost every big-budget Hollywood film she saw, from Dr.
In an statement released from SITE Ltd, spokesman of SITE Ltd said that contract of the construction of Afza Fly over at Habib Bank Chowrangi SITE Area was awarded to the minimum bidder with transparent manners and according to the rules & regulations, Advisor of Transparency International Adil Gilani described the figures exaggeratedly in this regard which is totally wrong and shameful, purpose of these allegations is to damage the credibility of the Department.
But it has also done Iran significant favors by exaggeratedly portraying the threat it represents to Israel's security, and through its officials competing to express concern about Iran's nuclear program, as if it were specifically aimed at Israel.
exaggeratedly, like a cartoon, my skin, all of it, but especially my legs, crawling as if detaching from me, fearfulness all over, an intense, overpowering response.
This mental library is the most essential part of his body, and is exaggeratedly precise, as if it had a perfect memory.
It is about the dream holiday, largely set at an exaggeratedly horrible Australian beach side caravan park, that went awry for eleven year old Marcus and his mother Holly Bradshaw.