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Synonyms for exaction

the act of demanding

a fixed amount of money charged for a privilege or service

Words related to exaction

act of demanding or levying by force or authority

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Clare felt the loss of Eva as deeply as she could feel anything; and, as she was a woman that had a great faculty of making everybody unhappy when she was, her immediate attendants had still stronger reason to regret the loss of their young mistress, whose winning ways and gentle intercessions had so often been a shield to them from the tyrannical and selfish exactions of her mother.
All was, alas, worse than vanity--injustice, punishment, exaction, death.
Let him name the ransom at which he rates our liberty, and it shall be paid, providing the exaction is suited to our means.
But the stern customs of his people had made too severe an exaction of the feeble old man.
Poyser (too officiously, Tom thought) interfered to prevent the exaction of the penalty.
After all, taxes are exactions imposed by the government.
La coalition arabe engagee dans la guerre au Yemen sous la direction de l'Arabie saoudite figure pour la premiere fois sur une liste noire annuelle de l'ONU denoncant les pays et entites commettant lors de conflits des exactions contre des enfants.
Ce qui terrorise plus que tout ces nations, c'est l'eveil d'un grand Kurdistan qui mordrait sur l'Irak, la Turquie et la Syrie, et federerait ces populations qui sont a peine tolerees dans ces pays, si elles ne sont pas victimes des pires exactions.
Aung San Suu Kyi, dirigeante birmane detentrice du Prix Nobel de la Paix devait repondre, aujourd'hui mardi, devant l'Assemblee Generale des Nations-Unies, des persecutions et des exactions menees par l'armee birmane contre la minorite musulmane dite des Rohingyas.
As in the case of Quezon City, the COA had also urged it to increase valuations since its last SFMV was about 20 years old-to the consternation of Quezon City taxpayers who now have to pay practically double the previous realty tax exactions and all in the face of the ineptitude and incompetence they perceive in the performance of their city officials' duties.
Exactions of Colonial Governing: Workplace Anguish and Pleasure in Northern Nigeria
beaucoup moins que]Les exactions abominables perpetrees par l'Eetat islamique depuis HYPERLINK "http://www.
The Court has developed several distinctive techniques to resolve implicit takings--using categorical, or per se, rules in some instances; an ad hoc case-by-case approach in others; and special, tailor-made tests in the particular case of exactions.
carry out projects for populations affected by the crisis in areas around Lake Chad, due to the insecurity caused by the exactions of the Boko Haram sect.
NNA - Impotent Saudi exactions, are bound to reflect badly on their own people (March 14), and not on our party, deputy to the Hezbollah chief cleric Naiim Qasem, told a graduating class of party reciters of the Qur'an in the western Beqaa village of Mashghara today.