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Synonyms for exaction

the act of demanding

a fixed amount of money charged for a privilege or service

Words related to exaction

act of demanding or levying by force or authority

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Clare felt the loss of Eva as deeply as she could feel anything; and, as she was a woman that had a great faculty of making everybody unhappy when she was, her immediate attendants had still stronger reason to regret the loss of their young mistress, whose winning ways and gentle intercessions had so often been a shield to them from the tyrannical and selfish exactions of her mother.
But he is manifestly afraid of my displeasure; and if at one time he tries my patience by his unreasonable exactions, and fretful complaints and reproaches, at another he depresses me by his abject submission and deprecatory self-abasement when he fears he has gone too far.
But it was at night that he talked openly, forgetting the exactions of his stage.
The parrot had given a most piercing shriek, as if its name were Society and it asserted its right to its exactions.
Instead, the Commission has acted vigorously and successfully to keep all pre-Nollan exactions in place.
Many Guarani succumbed to the exactions of secular and religious Spanish and Portuguese influences.
Chapter 3 addresses the open-ended, large, and often increasing exactions levied in the reform era.
But the act did not spell out the fiscal details for the union, and the participants agreed only to supply troops for defense of the region: Trent was specifically exempted from all other exactions.
En fait, Rome n'aurait pas davantage condamne l'Institut, si bien que les manoeuvres de l'eveque, de Ia purge de la bibliotheque jusqu'a ces pretendues excommunications, apparaissent comme des exactions faites de mauvaise foi (malgre la bonne foi) pour detruire les chantres du liberalisme, de meme que leurs institutions: [much less than] [.
Real world examples of physical takings matched with regulatory givings abound, and they can be seen in such phenomena as exactions (102) and incentive zoning.
Del Monte Dunes, recent developments in land use, planning and zoning law, facility issues under the Telecom Act of 1996, historic preservation and architectural control law, exactions law in 1998, land use and religion, ethics and land use planning, urban sprawl issues, research and evolving objectives of law use law.
can fulfill dramas of yearning, while truth's exactions narrow down the margins: but even
Bartlett traces these ubiquitous liberties in their more concrete forms: exemptions from seigneurial justice, exactions, and customs; and finds in them that contractual, commercial mentality that elite and commoner now shared.
Dolan is an important decision for property owners because it places significant and real limitations on the power of public entities to require dedications and exactions as a condition for allowing development of private property.
While the Dolan case dealt with an "exaction" (a condition placed on land use) that involved an actual invasion of private property, the Court strongly suggested that certain development fees and other monetary exactions might be unconstitutional as well.