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Synonyms for exacerbate

Synonyms for exacerbate

exasperate or irritate

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Sir Richard, who became Chief of the General Staff in August, told the paper we should "get ourselves out sometime soon because our presence exacerbates the security problems".
The authors noted the study provides the first experimental evidence that secondhand smoke can exacerbate allergic responses and also suggest patients with allergies should avoid tobacco smoke.
Mental illness often exacerbates and in some cases leads to other health problems.
3] As might be expected, occlusion of the external auditory canal, usually as a consequence of wearing a hearing aid, exacerbates the condition and hastens its rate of progression.
What is new, is seeing how it all relates to climate change," he says, adding that raising the temperature in urban areas like New York, where there is limited vegetation to reflect heat and lots of concrete to absorb it, exacerbates health problems.
International aid bureaucrats have a longstanding interest in population control, arguing that one more mouth to feed exacerbates, or even causes, the underdevelopment they are supposed to combat.
Its passivity both exacerbates the distinction between subject and object and positions the subject for a more or less secretly wished-for relation of mastery to the object.
The extended weakness exacerbates pressures on the state's limited general purpose resources.
That may be why there's no proof that nitroglycerin improves the prognosis of heart patients and why some data indicate that the drug actually exacerbates a patient's condition.